Vintage glass display cabinet, Nicole

Vintage glass display cabinet for commercial interior design of retail business, clothing shops.

39,37×15,74xh30,31 in.
100x40xh77 cm.
Reference 09801083

Stock: Available
FS Nijar the star of the hydraulic tiles, in residential and commercial sector.

A publication for the lovers of spaces dedicated to habitat. Ideas and more ideas. Spaces with an evoked design and a dream like style.

Unique bar stools for hospitality

Unique bar stools as creative and original seats, manufactured from the chassis of old scooters.

35,43×19,68xh31,49 in.
90x50xh80 cm.
Reference 08001421

Stock: Available
Antique trunk for decoration

Antique decorative trunk to be used in retail, shops as props storage or presentation of products.

31,49×22,44xh22,44 in.
80x57xh57 cm.
Reference 078023767

Stock: Available
Vintage decorative bins

Vintage decorative bins for commercial interior design of spaces like retail, restaurant, bars.

Ø18,89xh24,40 in.
Ø48xh62 cm.

Stock: Available
Original reception bell

Reception bell as vintage objects, key pieces in commercial decoration with vintage aesthetics.

Ø3,34xh2,36 in.
Ø8,5xh6 cm.
Reference 09601442

Stock: Available
Vintage metal pitcher for commercial decor

Vintage metal pitcher to be used in commercial interior design, original vintage pieces for your business.

Ø10,23xh11,02 in.
Ø26xh28 cm.
Reference 09601441

Stock: Available
Vintage plates for decoration

Vintage plates for decoration of commercial spaces in interior design, antique plates with personality.

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Reference 09601376/86

Stock: Available
Rusty bucket for decoration

Rusty bucket for decoration of spaces in interior design and decor projects of commercial spaces.

Ø10,62×9,84 in.
Ø27xh25 cm.
Reference 09601196

Stock: Available
Antique locks for decoration

Antique locks for decoration of any type of business. Interior design accessories for your project.

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Reference 09601183/84

Stock: Available
Foldable cafeteria table, Havel

Foldable cafeteria table made of wood table top and metal structure, ideal for hospitality business.

55,11×27,55xh29,52 in.
140x70xh75 cm.
eference 08001409

Stock: Available
Restaurant armchair with tall legs, Gaucho

Restaurant armchair made of Italian leather for interior design and decoration of hotels, restaurants.

Reference 07001017

Stock: Available
Salvaged antique hospitality tables

Antique hospitality tables with a unique finish due to its wood aged process to highlight your business.

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Reference 11901576/77

Stock: Available
Antique furniture for business

Reclaimed furniture pieces for commercial interior design of shoe stores, clothing store, shoe store.

Reference 11901552

Stock: Discontinued
Antique store display shelves

Antique store display shelves for commercial interior design projects with vintage aesthetics.

Reference 09601005

Stock: Available
Retail accessories decoration shoe box

Retail accessories decoration as a shoe box, for interior design projects with a unique aesthetic.

22,06/x3,77xh11,02xh 23,62in
Reference 11901064

Stock: Available
Antique Shop furniture for retail

Antique shop furniture with drawers, ideal for the storage of merchandise products in business.

Reference 11901551

Stock: Available
Foldable reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Reclaimed wood restaurant tables to be used in the hospitality sector, functional and foldable.

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Reference 11901100/63

Stock: Available
Antique restaurant furniture for business

Antique restaurant furniture, original pieces with character, original and unique attractive wear.

Reference 11901505

Stock: Discontinued
Commercial vintage shop cabinet

Vintage shop cabinet for commercial use in hospitality as product exhibitor. Ideal for clothing stores.

Reference 11901554

Stock: Available
Antique display case for business

Antique display case to be used in any type of business that requires a unique and original aesthetic.

Reference 11901532

Stock: Available
Antique clothing shop furniture

Antique clothing shop furniture with sliding glass doors, and shelves. Ideal for exhibition of products.

Reference 11901531

Stock: Available
Vintage shelving units for shops

Vintage shelving units for shops, to be used in interior decoration projects of businesses, fashion shops.

Reference 11901530

Stock: Available
Vintage display case with glass doors

Old furniture pieces with cabinets and display cases, glass doors. Ideal for the exhibition of products.

Reference 11901529

Stock: Available
Original vintage retail store shelves

Vintage retail store shelves with unique finish, they are original pieces with aged finish for decor.

Reference 11901547

Stock: Available
Vintage library table or office table

Vintage library table or office table with elegant and unique look. Vintage desk in commercial interior.

Reference 11901545

Stock: Available
Large vintage retail furnishings

Vintage retail furniture with large dimensions, to be used as an exhibitor of products, textiles.

Reference 11901546

Stock: Available
Vintage wood cafeteria tables

Vintage cafeteria tables made if original old wood. Original products for commercial interior design.

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Reference Reference 11901541

Stock: Available
Wood antique furniture for sale

Antique furniture for sale to be used in retail, recuperated wood with glass sliding doors.

Reference 11901550

Stock: Discontinued
Contract antique furniture online

Antique furniture online to be used in commercial interior design projects like restaurants, cafeterias.

Reference 11901540

Stock: Available
Wood commercial entryway bench

Commercial entryway bench to be used in interior design projects. Large vintage wood bench.

Reference 11901535

Stock: Available
Salvaged commercial bar tables

Unique vintage tables for business decorations that demand vintage decorations, salvaged wood.

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Reference 11901548/49

Stock: Available
Antique folding table Model WD

Antique folding table for commercial decoration of spaces. Retail, hospitality, leisure sectors.

Reference 11901062

Stock: Available
Salvaged wooden high tables

Salvaged wood tables manufactured for hospitality industry, restaurants, bars, cafeterias.

Reference 11901246

Stock: Available
Vintage dining table for interior design

Vintage dining table for interior design projects, decoration in restaurants, with vintage aesthetic.

Reference 11901521

Stock: Available
Movie theatre seats Cinema vintage

Antique movie theatre seats for decoration of hospitality sector business like hotels, restaurants.

Reference 11901136/37

Stock: Available
Antique benches for hospitality

Antique benches for hospitality, furniture pieces to decorate commercial spaces with rustic look.

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Reference 11901511/101

Stock: Available
Vintage commercial salvaged benches

Commercial salvaged benches without backrest, recuperated pieces of furniture for decoration.

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Reference 11901352/489

Stock: Available
Wood cafeteria salvaged chairs

Cafeteria salvaged chairs with a rustic style. Ideal for the decoration of commercial establishments.

Reference 11901520

Stock: Available
Old salvaged ceiling luminaires

Ceiling luminaires salvaged from old warehouses, space for two light tubes. Ideal for lighting projects.

Reference 08001407

Stock: Available
Original salvaged ceiling luminaries

Ceiling luminaries recuperated from old storage buildings and warehouses for ceiling or wall.

Reference 08001404

Stock: Available
Metal round cafeteria table Café

Round cafeteria table model Café, tables with industrial aesthetics, iron with scoured paint.

Reference 08001016

Stock: Available
Communal restaurant tables Etna

Communal restaurant tables with wallnut barnished wood, Large dimensions table, for interior design.

Reference 09601258

Stock: Available
Vintage retail furniture

Vintage retail furniture, boutique furniture, shop furniture. Its aesthetic makes it ideal for interior design.

Reference 11901504

Stock: Sold out
Restaurant service cart Forqueta

Restaurant service cart for the sturdy every day use of restaurants, rusted finish, industrial aesthetics.

Reference 08001235

Stock: Available
Commercial restaurant tables

Commercial restaurant tables, cafeteria tables, recuperated tables in different measurements.

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Reference 15201002/08

Stock: Available
Small bar vintage folding table

Vintage folding table, in small size, with foldable legs. sturdy and resistant wood. Ideal as retail tables.

Reference 11901335

Stock: Available
Vintage restaurant communal tables

Restaurant communal table, with large dimensions. low or high height. Communal table ideal for restaurants.

Reference 11901184

Stock: Available
Bar vintage table for interior design

Recuperated, second hand vintage tables for interior design projects that require a vintage aesthetic.
Reference 09601389

Stock: Available
Industrial lamp shade for restaurants.

Industrial lamp shade, original lamps sheds, antique lamp shades salvaged from warehouses.

It comes in
different sizes
Reference 07101441

Stock: Available
Industrial counter bar stools Podium

Counter bar stools with backrest, industrial style mat finish paint, stackable for commercial use.

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Reference 11401011/48

Stock: Available
Commercial decorative accessories

Commercial decorative accessories for business, retail interior decoration, hospitality sector.

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Reference 11901484/94

Stock: Available
Second hand vintage furniture for business

Here at Francisco Segarra´s we have a broad number of second hand vintage furniture, used office desk.

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Reference 11901523

Stock: Available
Vintage wooden store display cases

Vintage store display case for commercial business, great variety of accessories, recuperated objects.

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Reference 11901467/79

Stock: Available
Cafeteria vintage tables for business

Cafeteria vintage tables type desk, actually a trend in interior design projects, decorations businesses.

Reference 09601397

Stock: Not available
Objects for window dressing Military box

Window dressing as military trunk, they used to be boxes for ammunition, metal boxes.

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Reference 07101238/92

Stock: Available
Industrial bar tables Erika

Industrial bar tables made of steel frame over mango wood top, ideal furniture for interior design.

Reference 07101193

Stock: Available
Industrial light fixture Torgau

Industrial light fixture recuperated from the Targou Brand. Explosion proof fluorescent fixture.


Stock: Available
Original painted antique icebox

Antique box with original painting for interior decoration in stores, shops as window dressing.

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Reference 11901039/98

Stock: Available
Vintage tables for restaurants Joana

Tables for restaurants made of wood in yellow tone, two sizes. Contract furniture clearance sale !!

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Reference 09601194/95

Stock: Available
Vintage decorative accesories

Vintage trunk model Powel, it comes in different sizes, recommended for commercial decortion.

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Reference 07101522/24

Stock: Available
Commercial decoration from the 50´s

Commercial decoration childresn seat from the 50´s, ideal for interior decoration of children stores.

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Reference 11901011

Stock: Available
Assorted decorative props for window dressing

Assorted decorative props, ideal for an original window dressing decoration, decorative props.

Reference 09601204

Stock: Available
Decorative upholstered barber chair

Decorative antique barber chair with upholsterd restored leather, recommended as decoration.

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Reference 07101554/93

Stock: Available
Antique oil lamps to decorate or iluminate

To decorate an iluminate in an original way is now possible with these old restored oil lamps.

Reference 07101521/68

Stock: Available
Vintage wood postal sorting desk

Postal sorting desk made of wood, these unique desk with compartments can be use in different projects.

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Reference 09601172/300

Stock: Available
Vintage folding table for restaurants

Vintage folding tables ideal for commercial use as restaurant folding table, bar folding table.

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Reference 11901099/135

Stock: Available
Original wood vintage office desk

Original vintage office desk made of wood with drawers, recommended for an original interior project.

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Reference 09601261/92

Stock: Available
Unique vintage restaurant tables

Vintage restaurant tables recommended as reception tables, exhibitor tables, vintage bar tables.

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Reference 09601260/363

Stock: Available
Industrial restaurant storage cabinets

Industrial restaurant storage cabinets made of metal , recommended for commercial decoration.

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Reference 1191070/82

Stock: Available
Recovered commercial decoration

Recovered commercial decoration for interior design projects, as decorative props,window dressing

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Reference 11901391/405

Stock: Available
Store display cabinet for decoration

Original antique piece of furniture with mirrors and drawers as store display cabinet for decoration.

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Reference 11901024 /294

Stock: Available
Unique retail display racks for Stores

Original pieces, capable of bringing out the originlaity of the interior design project and are made in our shops.

Reference 10001153

Stock: Available
Original old theater seats Omega

Original old theater seats salvaged to be used for interior decoration projects with a touch of personality.

Reference 08001078

Stock: Sold Out
Unique vintage theater seat Duck

Unique vintage theater seats with recoverd wood and metal structure with original serigraphy.

Reference 10001083/85

Stock: Available
Wood restaurant bench seating

Wood restaurant bench seating for commercial use and interior design projects as restaurant bench.

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Reference 09601273/11901291

Stock: Available
Commercial furniture wood school desk

Commercial furniture antique school desk made of wood, they are original commercial furniture for business.

Reference 11901145

Elegant hotel lobby sofas Edwardian

Elegant hotel lobby sofas, 2 seater sofa designed between 190-1910 in the Edwardian era, commercial sofa.

Reference 00117

Stock: Not Available
Office furniture armchair Club chair

Elegant original antique offfice furniture armchair, made in the 1930s, upholstered in brown leather.

Reference 00876

Stock: Available
Unique antique leather sofa Chesterfield

Unique antique leather sofa Chesterfield manufactured between 1900-1950 Art deco style.

Reference 00570

Stock: Available
Salvaged antique wooden pulley

Antique wooden pulley salvaged from old ships as it is recommended for interior decorations.

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all measurements
Reference 09601339/40

Stock: Available
Original quinquet antique oil lamps

We have a broad variety of used original antique oil lamps. ideal as interior decoration.

Reference 10001100/21

Stock: Available
Vintage tin box decorative props

Original vintage tin box as decorative props, commercial decoration, window dressing.

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see all sizes and shapes
Reference 09601307/09

Stock: Available
Retro decorative accesories fan

Retro decorative accessories fan made in casted aluminum alloy. Available in different models.

Reference 09601304/06

Stock: Available
Unique industrial style lamps

Industrial style lamps salvaged from boats and ships its wear and tear makes them unique.

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Reference 07101532/34

Stock: Available
Salvaged outdoor nautical lighting

We have a broad variety of recuperated outdoor nautical lighting taken from old ships.

Reference 07101318

Stock: Available
Original salvaged industrial lamps

Salvaged industrial lamps with a hook to be hanged, recabled and modified from the original.

Reference 09601217

Stock: Available
Vintage desk lamps and Flexos

Vintage desk lamps and Flexos with articulated arms and aluminium case. in different colours.

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to see all lamps
Reference 09601364

Stock: Available