Unique bar stools for hospitality

Unique bar stools as creative and original seats, manufactured from the chassis of old scooters.

35,43×19,68xh31,49 in.
90x50xh80 cm.
Reference 08001421

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Wood commercial entryway bench

Commercial entryway bench to be used in interior design projects. Large vintage wood bench.

Reference 11901535

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Movie theatre seats Cinema vintage

Antique movie theatre seats for decoration of hospitality sector business like hotels, restaurants.

Reference 11901136/37

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Antique benches for hospitality

Antique benches for hospitality, furniture pieces to decorate commercial spaces with rustic look.

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Reference 11901511/101

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Vintage commercial salvaged benches

Commercial salvaged benches without backrest, recuperated pieces of furniture for decoration.

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Reference 11901352/489

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Wood cafeteria salvaged chairs

Cafeteria salvaged chairs with a rustic style. Ideal for the decoration of commercial establishments.

Reference 11901520

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Commercial decoration from the 50´s

Commercial decoration childresn seat from the 50´s, ideal for interior decoration of children stores.

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Reference 11901011

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Decorative upholstered barber chair

Decorative antique barber chair with upholsterd restored leather, recommended as decoration.

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Reference 07101554/93

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Original old theater seats Omega

Original old theater seats salvaged to be used for interior decoration projects with a touch of personality.

Reference 08001078

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Unique vintage theater seat Duck

Unique vintage theater seats with recoverd wood and metal structure with original serigraphy.

Reference 10001083/85

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Wood restaurant bench seating

Wood restaurant bench seating for commercial use and interior design projects as restaurant bench.

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Reference 09601273/11901291

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