Antique trunk for decoration

Antique decorative trunk to be used in retail, shops as props storage or presentation of products.

31,49×22,44xh22,44 in.
80x57xh57 cm.
Reference 078023767

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Vintage decorative bins

Vintage decorative bins for commercial interior design of spaces like retail, restaurant, bars.

Ø18,89xh24,40 in.
Ø48xh62 cm.

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Original reception bell

Reception bell as vintage objects, key pieces in commercial decoration with vintage aesthetics.

Ø3,34xh2,36 in.
Ø8,5xh6 cm.
Reference 09601442

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Vintage metal pitcher for commercial decor

Vintage metal pitcher to be used in commercial interior design, original vintage pieces for your business.

Ø10,23xh11,02 in.
Ø26xh28 cm.
Reference 09601441

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Vintage plates for decoration

Vintage plates for decoration of commercial spaces in interior design, antique plates with personality.

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Reference 09601376/86

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Rusty bucket for decoration

Rusty bucket for decoration of spaces in interior design and decor projects of commercial spaces.

Ø10,62×9,84 in.
Ø27xh25 cm.
Reference 09601196

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Antique locks for decoration

Antique locks for decoration of any type of business. Interior design accessories for your project.

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Reference 09601183/84

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Retail accessories decoration shoe box

Retail accessories decoration as a shoe box, for interior design projects with a unique aesthetic.

22,06/x3,77xh11,02xh 23,62in
Reference 11901064

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Commercial decorative accessories

Commercial decorative accessories for business, retail interior decoration, hospitality sector.

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Reference 11901484/94

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Vintage wooden store display cases

Vintage store display case for commercial business, great variety of accessories, recuperated objects.

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Reference 11901467/79

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Objects for window dressing Military box

Window dressing as military trunk, they used to be boxes for ammunition, metal boxes.

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Reference 07101238/92

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Original painted antique icebox

Antique box with original painting for interior decoration in stores, shops as window dressing.

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Reference 11901039/98

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Vintage decorative accesories

Vintage trunk model Powel, it comes in different sizes, recommended for commercial decortion.

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Reference 07101522/24

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Assorted decorative props for window dressing

Assorted decorative props, ideal for an original window dressing decoration, decorative props.

Reference 09601204

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Salvaged antique wooden pulley

Antique wooden pulley salvaged from old ships as it is recommended for interior decorations.

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Reference 09601339/40

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Original quinquet antique oil lamps

We have a broad variety of used original antique oil lamps. ideal as interior decoration.

Reference 10001100/21

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Vintage tin box decorative props

Original vintage tin box as decorative props, commercial decoration, window dressing.

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Reference 09601307/09

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Retro decorative accesories fan

Retro decorative accessories fan made in casted aluminum alloy. Available in different models.

Reference 09601304/06

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