Round cafeteria table Café

Round cafeteria table model Café, tables with industrial aesthetics,iron with scoured paint.

Reference 08001016

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Communal restaurant tables Etna

Communal restaurant tables with wallnut barnished wood, Large dimensions table, for interior design.

Reference 09601258

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Commercial restaurant tables

Commercial restaurant tables, cafeteria tables, recuperated tables in different measurements.

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Reference 15201002/08

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Small bar vintage folding table

Vintage folding table, in small size, with foldable legs. sturdy and resistant wood. Ideal as retail tables.


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Vintage restaurant communal tables

Restaurant communal table, with large dimensions. low or high height. Communal table ideal for restaurants.

Reference 11901184

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Bar vintage table for interior design

Recuperated, second hand vintage tables for interior design projects that require a vintage aesthetic.
Reference 09601389

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Second hand vintage furniture for business

Here at Francisco Segarra´s we have a broad number of second hand vintage furniture, used office desk.

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Reference 11901523

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Cafeteria vintage tables for business

Cafeteria vintage tables type desk, actually a trend in interior design projects, decorations businesses.

Reference 09601397

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Vintage wood postal sorting desk

Postal sorting desk made of wood, these unique desk with compartments can be use in different projects.

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Reference 09601172/300

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Vintage folding table for restaurants

Vintage folding tables ideal for commercial use as restaurant folding table, bar folding table.

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Reference 11901099/135

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Original wood vintage office desk

Original vintage office desk made of wood with drawers, recommended for an original interior project.

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Reference 09601261/92

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Unique vintage restaurant tables

Vintage restaurant tables recommended as reception tables, exhibitor tables, vintage bar tables.

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Reference 09601260/363

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