ELLE Agenda. Nº5 Burger Garage. A restaurant design concept by FS.

ELLE Gourmet. rends to the coolest restaurants. An important date, Nº5 Burger garage, an interior design project 100% Francisco Segarra, providing a twist to hospitality industry.

FS Nijar the star of the hydraulic tiles, in residential and commercial sector.

A publication for the lovers of spaces dedicated to habitat. Ideas and more ideas. Spaces with an evoked design and a dream like style.

Art and Design… Vogue Living. Trendy venues, Casa Victoria, Trece.

Streets that every trend hunter should know, recognised due to its space design originality. Space that conjugates Art & Design. Casa Victoria and Trece, spaces with Francisco Segarra’s mark.

Vogue magazine

Francisco Segarra on the cover of & Magazine. Promoting business.

The latest trends in fashion and decoration, the most relevant leisure spaces and the most interesting cultural events; promoting commercial activity as the objective of &magazine. A magnificent cover. Nerea Garmendia in our showroom in Madrid.

&Magazine in Francisco Segarra’s showroom.

Francisco Segarra’s unusual showroom in Madrid, flirts with the fashion industry.

Francisco Segarra’s showrom as a strategic place for great fashion firms, along with !HOLA! fashion magazine. Hand to hand with the recognised Spanish model Eugenia Silva, and blogger Natalia Cabezas.

!HOLA! Fashion Magazine.

Francisco Segarra’s showroom, a small fortress full of treasures in Madrid.

Francisco Segarra’s small fortress in Madrid, The headquarters of our cult pieces. A business with artistic vocation, full of faraway experiences. A measured place where to look into the past and love the vintage aesthetics.

CharHadas Magazine

Idyllic and bucolic ambience in the special edition of &Novias October 2017

An original proposal of a natural space in Castellon. Motivating the nuptial fashion editorial with the participation of our furniture firm, Francisco Segarra. An Idyllic and bucolic ambience.

&Novias Magazine Oct. 2017

Francisco Segarra´s aesthetic appears in the french press. A Vivre Architects.

The special edition HS #36 from Á vivre Architecture has been published with our vintage & industrial furniture firm Francisco Segarra and the prestigious Parisian fair Maison & Objet motive. It’s a real privilege.

Á vivre Architecture Magazine 2017

The media highlights the new Francisco Segarra´s interior design project.

Nativo by Francisco Segarra, press news appearance by francisco segarra in the media, newspapers, digital magazine and radio. newspaper relaease for nativo.

Francisco Segarra makes his way in the English-speaking media, Attitude Magazine # 76

Francisco Segarra makes his way in the English-speaking media, with experts in architecture, design, art and lifestyles. We find our Book ¨New Furniture & Vintage Design¨ by Francisco Segarra, a compliment for us.

New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage. Fs Book, the highlight of Design & Deco.

The latest on Design & Deco. New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage, Francisco Segarra´s first book. Author of the prologue of our first book, a monograph where Francisco Segarra depicts himself through his most outstanding projects; her prose left us breathless.

New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage. 2017

DolceVita #3 A guide, an endless source of inspiration.

Editorial pages, under one elegant and relaxed vision, as a great interactive resource for companies and professionals, a never-ending source of creative references and a platform that shows the best of the world of design.


EFANTS. &Novias publishing in Francisco Segarra´s Showroom.

And Magazine Castellon, Fashion, Beauty, technology, events and leisure magazine, now a referent in Castellon´s society. Begoña´s team has published a special edition.

&Novias March 2017.

&Expriencias memorable shopping in Francisco Segarra, Madrid.

Backed up by her trajectory being in charge of And Magazine, trendy and consolidated in the market, along with her entrepreneurial character; &Experiencias pretends to open new paths and explore.

&Experiencias 2017

The Yorker Stool as the ¨star piece¨ in decoration & interior design.

Their pages seduce the readers, supporters of interior design, residential decoration for apartments, chalets, lofts… Furniture and design for any type of space dedicated to habitat.

Mi Casa.

Ceramics on the menu. Facing tile ideal for bars & Restaurants.

CERASPAÑA is a promotional digital magazine about ceramics, interior design and architecture, edited by ASCER (Spanish Association of Tiles manufactures and pavement ceramics).


Strategy, updates and management for hospitality,InfoHoreca.

A referent point in information about Horeca to push the sector and the latest innovations, trends and knowledge taken to the real businesses and establishments to boost growth.

FS in InforHoreca 2016

CARNIco, commercial project in Tapas Magazine, with a national gastronomy award.

CARNIco, commercial interior design project by the firm Francisco Segarra in Tapas Magazine, The publication highlights lifestyle and gastronomy. Edited in Spanish and English, on monthly publications.

¨CARNIco¨ in Tapas Magazine

Mexkisito among the best interior designs for Horeca (HOtel, REstaurant, CAtering)

Relevant information needed to develop important interior design projects to spread knowledge about new openings like Mexkisito, A space fruit of the collaboration between FS and Maria Barrero.

InfoHoreca, Mexkisito

Fierro a gastronomic space in the Lounge section in Proyecto Contract Magazine.

Experts in interior design for commercial installations, hospitality industry and offices; Responsible for PROYECTO CONTRACT . They come back strong with a selection of the best interior design projects.

Proyecto Contract, Fierro.

Dres Chair nominated as the ¨Star Piece ¨ for the latest trends in Interior Design.

Mi Casa takes us closer to the practical interior decoration, a world full of ideas, tricks and adequate solutions. Centred in trends where decor, functionality and aesthetics are perfectly equilibrated.

Mi Casa ¨Star Piece¨

Publication on the general renovation of ¨El Refugio¨ in Proyecto Contract Magazine

We are expecting the news about the Project of Francisco Segarra, The Garage, finalist in the prestigious Restaurant & Design Awards, we received a recognition from a respected design magazine.

Proyecto Contract

Los Soprano Restaurant with Francisco Segarra´s furniture in Proyecto Contract Magazine.

The magazine ¨Proyecto Contract¨, publication for the group of interior designers and architecture professionals, it has become in an authentic manual for the decoration of business.

Los Soprano Restaurant

Publication on the interior design Project and decoration of the restaurant Trece

Renowned online publications, offer us daily contents centered in the latest news, trends of the world of design, interior decorating ideas and architecture and product design.

Trece restaurant

Telva space in Casa Decor 2016 with the collaboration of FS.

Telva, monthly publication directed by Olga Ruiz, is oriented to the feminine public, it has become in a reference point in 50 years of history in fashion, beauty, celebrities.

Casa Decor

After renovations made by Francisco Segarra ¨El Refugio café a new classic¨

The special newspaper in business and finance, Diario de Teruel, speaks about the reopening of the mythical venue EL Refugio after renovations by the interior designers at Francisco Segarra.

El Refugio

The vintage legacy of Francisco Segarra brand now in the Z magazine.

Francisco Segarra received Isaac Estévez, in his showroom, interior designer, director and editor of the magazine Zeta; expert in trends, fashion and decoration.
Z Magazine

FS Vintage Furniture By África Laguna in the section DECO from HIP LOVER

The launch of the section DECO in her blog, brought her to Francisco Segarra in search of a decoration firm with a history to tell. Projects, illusions and experiences, they are shared in every visit.


New collaboration of the furniture store Francisco Segarra.

The section Gastro of &Magazine nº8, makes a stop in Nº 5 Madrid, space projected by the interior design department of Francisco Segarra that pretends to show his personal mark.



Tiffins most chic of all ¨the temptations to give as gifts¨ in Elle Gourmet, Fall edition.

For this re entry , what best way to eat with a surprising take away container. Francisco Segarra Tiffins. A chic way to highlight any reunion with an original container which will be the perfect gift for the host.


¨The mottled world of Francisco Segarra¨ By Gema Gutiérrez for ElHedonista¨

Capturing like nobody else the essence of our vintage furniture firm, maybe because her father was a builder, the interior decoration has been part of her life since childhood; Gema talks about it in her section ¨Diseño & Deco¨