Retail shelvings, Nicole

Retail shelving made of metal structure, mango wood and glass doors. Commercial interior design.

11,02×18,50xh92,51 in.
11,02×18,50xh92,51 cm.
Reference 09801112.

Stock: Available
Haberdashery cabinet, Berto

Haberdashery cabinet with vintage aesthetics, its manufactured in metal with multiple drawers.

47,24×19,68xh87,79 in.
120x50xh223 cm.
Reference 0980111

Stock: Available
Retail display cabinets, Edwan

Vintage display cabinet, manufactured with 12 drawers and metal stucture, retail showcase by FS.

38,18×18,11xh63,77 in.
97x46xh162 cm.
Reference 09801107

Stock: Available
Shoe display furniture, Nicole

Shoe display furniture manufactured with wood. Shoe display cabinet for commercial business.

65,35×18,11xh43,30 in.
166x6xh110 cm.
Reference 09801098

Stock: Available
Bar sideboards, Edwan

Bar sideboard, Edwam. Vintage commercial furniture for hospitality, bars, restaurants, venues.

43,30×21,65xh34,25 in.
110x55xh87 cm.
Reference 09801097

Stock: Available
Glass display cabinet, Nicole

Glass display cabinet for retail interior design of commercial business like clothing shops, shoe shop.

40,15×17,71xh34,64 in.
102x45xh88 cm.

Stock: Available
Vintage glass display cabinet, Nicole

Vintage glass display cabinet for commercial interior design of retail business, clothing shops.

39,37×15,74xh30,31 in.
100x40xh77 cm.
Reference 09801083

Stock: Available
Shop counter, Nicole

Shop counter to be used in retail business, interior design projects that demand a unique aesthetic.

82,67×35,43xh34,64 in.
210x90xh88 cm.
Reference 09801095

Stock: Available
Retail hanguers, Nicole

Retail hanguers, clothing racks for clothing shops, commercial business. Retail furniture vintage.

35,43×27,55xh48,81 in.
90x70xh124 cm.
Reference 09801093

Stock: Available
Restaurant sideboard, Nicole

Restaurant sideboard with metal structure, perfect to storage tableware, cloths, cutlery. BY Fs furniture.

78,1×17,71xh59,84 in.
200x45xh152 cm.
Reference 09801084

Stock: Available
Retail shelving, Nicole

Retail shelving made with a metal sturcture and wooden shelves, Ideal for displaying of products.

82x40xh190 cm.
Reference 09801094

Stock: Available
Shoe shop furniture, Nicole

Shoe shop furniture made of wood and metal sturcture. Shoe display furniture for retail by FS.

39,37×17,71xh59,05 in.
100x45xh150 cm.
Reference 09801085/86

Stock: Available
Retail display rack, Nicole

Retail display rack to be used in commercial business as exhibitor of products, merchandise.

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Reference 09801091

Stock: Available
Commercial shelvings, Tilman

Commercial shelving made of metal and mango wood, recommended for interior design of restaurants.

35,43×15,74xh73,22 in.
90x40xh186 cm.
Reference 10501043

Stock: Available
Salvaged commercial display cases, Petra

Commercial display cases, with salvaged materials that gives its authentic look for hospitality.

Reference 11901368

Stock: Available
Wooden retail storage furniture Neila

Retail storage furniture for commercial interior design. Made of wood and reinforced with iron.

Reference 07101528

Stock: Available
Wood commercial back bar Nopi

Commercial back bar to be used in restaurants, cafeterias, bars. One drawer with a glass cabinet.

Reference 08001406

Stock: Available
Hospitality furniture collection Bianca

Hospitality furniture collection manufactured with scoured paint technique with a marked style.

Reference 15901038

Stock: Available
Vintage restaurant sink Bianca

Restaurant sink from the Bianca collection, commercial furniture designed specifically for hospitality.

150x50xh90/110cm Reference 15901037

Stock: Available
Commercial display cabinets, Geica

Commercial display cabinets manufactured with iron with glass doors as commercial furniture.

Reference 11801169

Stock: Available
Vintage shop furniture Balboa

Vintage shop furniture for retail as exhibitor furniture in clothing or shoe stores. Manufactured with wood.

Reference 11801189

Stock: Available
Furniture for hospitality industry Saki

Furniture for hospitality industry, vintage furniture with scoured paint finish, recuperated wood.

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Reference 10201080/83

Stock: Avaialble
Vintage commercial shelving, Adela

Vintage commercial shelving made with solid wood and iron with six removable trays. Ideal for the display.

Reference 07101500

Stock: Available
Contract hospitality furniture Oslo

Contract hospitality furniture work bench style, decorative lathe, structure is made of mango wood.

Reference 11801073

Stock: Available
Retail display furniture Ursula

Retail display furniture made of wood and metal tubing, two doors and decorative vintage shoe lasts.

Reference 08001094

Stock: Available
Furniture hotel Industrial Watson Creta

Furniture hotel made of mango wood with iron structure. Sturdy piece of commercial furniture design.

Reference 11801124

Stock: Available
Vintage style store furniture Eidan

Store furniture with numerous drawers for storage, manufactured in scoured wood. Recommended for retail.

Reference 07101264

Stock: Available
Vintage retail display shelve Moreila

Retail display shelves for commercial business, like stores, shops, shoe stores, clothing stores.

Reference 07101264

Stock: Available
Retail display shelves Portland

Retail store shelving as retails store shelves with vintage aesthetics, dark wood and glass doors.

Reference 09601169

Stock: Available
Vintage commercial shelving Galileo

Commercial shelving, vintage rack for shops, stores and retail sector, metallic plates to label.

Reference 07101352

Stock: Available
Antique store cabinet industrial Nahir

Antique store cabinet, filing cabinets, store display cabinet with industrial style, for interior design.

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Reference 11801159/61

Stock: Available
Cocktail bar furniture Trafalgar

Cocktail bar furniture made of mango Wood, shelves with bottle rack, wine rack, glass rack, metal doors.

Reference 10501020.

Stock: Available
Commercial bathroom furniture, Boston, Cosmo

Commercial bathroom furniture, as commercial sink, contract sink for hostelry, business and public.

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Stock: Available
Bar cabinet glass case, showcase, Cleo

Bar cabinet, glass cabinets for the hospitality industry, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, Hospitality sector.

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Reference 10201115/100

Stock: Available.
Retail furniture solutions Maize

Retail furniture solutions Maize, rotary expository shelf, rotary exhibitor, retail store shelves.

Reference 09601063

Modern Industrial style bar top

Industrial style bar top , it is made with an aged finish corrugated iron, shleves, bottle rack.

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Reference 07101546/47

Stock: Available
Public Bathroom furniture Menorca, Brezo, Boston

Auxiliary table, public bathroom sink, industrial style and black metallic structure wood table top.

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Reference 1180111/45

Stock: Available
Trendy commercial drawer Alphabet

Commercial drawer manufactured, cedar wood and composed by 10 drawers alphabet letters.

Reference 07101125

Stock: Available
Hospitality furniture suppliers Siena

Hospitality furniture suppliers, Industrial Metallic locker Siena , Storage lockers, industrial style.

Reference 08001208/11

Stock: Available
Contract restaurant furniture Cracovia

Contract restaurant drawer and storage shelves, hotel furniture, exhibitors made of black Wood.

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Stock: Available
Collection of Hospitality furniture Berlin

Collection of hospitality furniture composed of auxiliary furniture for the use in public bathroom furniture.

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Reference 15901023/25

Stock: Avaialble
Industrial restaurant furniture Garibaldi

Industrial restaurant furniture as exhibitor , store display cases, storage furniture functional and sturdy.

Reference 11801210

Stock: Available
Wooden cafeteria furniture Baggot

Cafeteria furniture made of wood, its foldable and ideal for commercial use, sturdy and functional.

Reference 12701032

Stock: Available
Unique antique display cabinet

Metallic antique display cabinet, original recuperated old pieces of furniture for decoration of spaces.

Reference 11901426

Stock: Sold out
Hospitality contract furniture, Inca land

Line of commercial furniture of Francisco Segarra designed as tradictional capenter bench.

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Reference 0980181

Stock: Available
Storage shelves furniture Manila

Storage shelves furniture piece with shelves, drawer and doors, it has a sturdy metal structure.

Reference 07101446

Stock: Available
Exhibitor table for stores Austria

Exhibitor table for stores, commercial venues, shops, waiting rooms, reception area, waiting area.

Reference 10001190

Stock: Sold out
Industrial store shelves Celia

Industrial commercial furniture for stores and commercial business with industrial, vintage aesthetics.

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Reference 10001188/89

Stock: Available
Industrial store display Salermo

Industrial store display ideal for stores, shops and business in general for smal objects as vintage store display.

Reference 10001187

Stock: Available
Industrial storage tables Bercy

Industrial storage table with wheels made in steel with extendable top and removable boxes.

Reference 08001198

Stock: Available
Antique display cabinet Olivia

Wood antique display cabinet with compartments ideal for exhibit displays, display cabinet in shops.

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Reference 08001090/11901164

Stock: Available
Original vintage commodes Adara

Original vintage commode with an original design, two drawers in the front, wood scouring, crackled finish.

Reference 13101051

Stock: Available
Industrial style wine racks Alamo, Omar, Monastrel

Industrial style wine rack with different capacity, some models have shelves and door fittings.

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Reference 11801142/60

Stock: Available
Metal hospitality furniture Sauco

Metal hospitality furniture, it has two doors, two drawers and a shelve ideal as contract furniture.

Reference 11801148/07101548

Stock: Available
Original restaurant bar top Catherine

Restaurant bar top made with steel sheets with aged finish Victorian style designs.

Reference 13101083

Stock: Available
Modern industrial sideboard Hudson

Modern industrial sideboard recommended as contract furniture solutions, as restaurant storage.

Reference 13101082

Stock: Available