Terrace furniture


Low bar stools, high bar stool Ravel

Restaurant bar stools, manufactured with metallic structure and paint with imitation wood.

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Reference 14401017.

Stock: Available.

Bistro outdoors furniture Minelli

Furniture for business, Parisians chairs and stools with elegant, functional and very comfortable.

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Reference 14401014/15

Stock: Available

Commercial outdoors furniture Abaco, Ipanema …

Commercial outdoor furniture, iconic Parisian style furniture , manufactured on aluminium.

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Reference 14401011/13

Stock: Available

Contract outdoor furniture Garden

Contract outdoor furniture ideal for picnics and the structure is made of wood beams and aluminum.

Reference 13201000

Stock: Available

Outdoor restaurant chairs Papua

Outdoor restaurant chairs made for exterior use , its painted aluminum stucture with the back rest.

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Reference 14401000/05

Stock: Available