hospitality light fixture Goccia

Hospitality light fixture for all type of business, with the brushed finish support and glass dome.

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Reference 09701018/20

Stock: Available

Lighting for hospitality Burnaby

Lighting for hospitality, hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, with industrial aesthetics. iron with different finish.

Reference 09701000/13

Stock: Available

Contract ceiling lamps Granby

Contract ceiling lamps with industrial style, manufactured in aluminium. Polished or painted finish.

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Reference 09701003/17

Stock: Available

Pendant industrial lamp Agnes

Professional pendant lighting, made with wood and metal with protective mesh inspired in a worklshop,

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Reference 08101199/202

Stock: Available

Restaurant ceiling lights Lirio

Restaurant ceiling lights as ceiling luminaires, roof lamp, hanging lamps, ideal for interior design projects.

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Reference 0301035/44

Stock: Available

Ceiling Hospitality lighting Melon

Hospitality lighting as ceiling luminaires, pendant lighting manufactured in metal in three sizes.

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Reference 10301027/29

Stock: Available

Restaurant pendant lighting Flower

Restaurant pendant lighting as ceiling luminaires, with a retro design for interior projects.

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Reference 10301068/70

Stock: Available

Bar Industrial floor lamp Mogambo

Industrial floor lamp ideal for the illumination of interior spaces, round base, screen like a cone.

17,71×51,18/74,80in 45×130/190in
Reference 08101067


Industrial pendant lamps Wilder

Industrial pendant lamps model Wilder, made of two ceiling lamps united by a wood beam with serigraphy.

Reference 08101129

Stock: Available

Restaurant lighting suppliers Burnaby

Restaurant lighting suppliers for ceiling with industrial style, manufactured in iron with various mat finish.

Reference 09701013/14

Stock: Available

Glass luminaires restaurant, Trophy, Cup

Restaurant lighting as table lamp model trophy, made of glass available in two measurements.

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Reference Reference 10301018/19

Stock: Available

Industrial restaurant lighting Nikki

Industrial restaurant lighting luminaires for interior decoration of commercial spaces industrial style.

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Stock: Available

Commercial lighting fixtures Kelty H25, H30

Commercial lighting fixtures as ceiling luminaires in black mat, with rose designs made by hand.

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Reference 10901000/01

Stock: Available

Mason Jar lights, glass Emily

Mason Jar lights, made of glass in different shapes, Glass jar lamps Emily, jars are open in the bottom.

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Reference 10901015/22

Stock: Coming Soon

Ceiling lights for shops Motorcycle

Lights for shops, pendant lighting as ceiling luminaires model Motorcycle, manufactured in russet.

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Reference 10901013/73

Stock: Available

Industrial light fixtures Carol, Seti, Emily

Industrial light fixtures for interior design, decoration projects. Contract luminaires with original aesthetics.

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Reference 11801040/46

Stock: Available

Luminaire lighting fixtures Eliptical

Luminaire lighting fixtures Pegaso Eliptical as ceiling lamps,original vintage design, in aluminium.

Reference 10901042/43

Stock: Available

Lights for bars business Pegaso Globo

Lights for bars complemented as ceiling lamps with an original vintage design, manufactured in aluminium.


Stock: Available

Industrial pendant lightings Detroit

Industrial pendant lightings as Ceiling lamps manufactured with aged technique green different finishes.

Reference 08101168/94


Bell pendant bar lighting Sandra

Bar lighting, pendant lighting Sandra as ceiling lamps with industrial design manufactured in iron.

Reference 11801078

Stock: Available

Bike shop wall lights Morrison

shop wall lights, luminaires Morrison with bike handle shape, one wall light, cables and socket.

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Reference 10901059

Stock: Reference

Retro hospitality lighting Terra

Hospitality lighting with a retro style. Manufactured in two sizes. suspended by a shaft and a chain.

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Reference 10901053/54

Stock: Available

Modern design hotel lights Harlem

Hospitality lighting as metallic ceiling lamps with modern design, it has two light bulbs, original design.

Reference 10901062/63

Stock: Available

Restaurant lighting fixtures Kea

Restaurant lighting fixtures, colour black matt aluminium, ideal for interior illumination projects.

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Reference 12601000/04

Stock: Available

New commercial wall light Zape

Commercial wall light Model Zape, made completely in metal for illumination in punctual zones.

Reference 12601023

Stock: Available

Light fixtures for restaurants Isabel

Light fixtures for restaurants for decoration of commercial spaces, allows its installation in roof and walls.

Reference 12601025

Stock: Available

Iconic hospitality lights Olden, Melania

Hospitality lights and wall lights Olden, Melania Ceiling lamps and luminaires with rigid shaft.

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Reference 12601017/22

Stock: Available

Metal contract ceiling lamp Elsa

Contract ceiling lamp manufactured in metal, ideal for interior professional pendant lighting.

Reference 08101189

Stock: Available

New lights for business Royal

Lights for business for interior illumination in interior design projects for professional interior design.

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Reference 12601011/12

Stock: Available

Hospitality lighting fixtures Bettina

Hospitality lighting fixtures for the ceiling, manufactured with an aged finish and rust technique.

Reference 08001157

Stock: Available

Floor industrial bar lights Sahara

Floor industrial bar lights, it has a steady base, the light bulb case has a mesh and the cover.

Reference 08101198

Stock: Available

New contract wall lighting Kalet

Contract wall lighting inside a mango wood picture frame, with decorative sheet. personalized decoration.

Reference 08101204

Stock: Available

Industrial workshop lighting Dublín

Hanging workshop lighting with original concave glass, with illustration on both sides, shop style.

Reference 08101207

Stock: Available

Metal vintage shop lighting Megan

Vintage shop lighting for interior design projects manufactured in metal,matt finish, magnifying glass.

Reference 08101211

Stock: Available

New hotel wall light/mirror Sol

Hotel wall light made of metal, it also incorporates a circular mirror. Original mirror wall lighting .

Reference 08101212

Stock: Available

New hospitality lighting Rivendel

Industrial style floor lamps manufacture for commercial venues, recommended for design projects.

Reference 08101197

Stock: Available

Lighting for restaurants Pixar

Lighting for restaurants flexo style for commercial interior design, shops, fitting rooms, stores, bars.

Reference 08101193

Stock: Available

New vintage shop lights Tabarca

Vintage shop lights are ideal for direct or indirect illumination in illumination projects, interior design.

Reference 09701011

Stock: Available

New industrial bar lighting Jara

Industrial bar lighting manufactured in metal. Ideal for interior design projects and hotels, bars.

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Reference 1030106/63

Stock: Available

Industrial hotel Wall lights Ebano

Hotel wall lights with industrial style, it doesnt have electrical cables, it has an extendable arm.

Reference 10001151

Stock: Available