Hotel lighting, Ansia

Hotel lighting with golden finish, ceiling lighting for commercial interior design retro, vintage projects.

Ø23,22xh59,05 in.
Ø59xh15 cm.
Reference 10301072

Stock: Available

Glass jar lights, Emily

Glass jar lights made of vintage mason jars, with a professional finish ideal for commercial use.

Ø3,54×5,90xh47,24 in.
Ø9x15xh120 cm.
Reference 17501060/61

Stock: Availability

Bar ceiling lights, Ronda

Bar ceiling lights with robust metal industrial structure combined with a vintage glass lampshade.

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Reference 17501056/57

Stock: Available

Hanging bar lights, Nerja

Hanging bar lights with industrial style model Nerja. Robust aluminium with an elegant carved glass.

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Reference 17501058/59

Stock: Avaiable

Shop lighting fixtures for retail Rabat

Shop lighting fixtures for commercial interior design of commercial business. Ideal for business.

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Reference 11801127/28

Stock: Available

Industrial hanging light fixtures Lille

Hanging light fixtures manufactured with cast iron and metallic tulip with industrial aesthetics.

Reference 17501052

Stock: Available

Metal pendant ceiling lights Limoges

Pendant ceiling lights manufactured with cast iron ideal for commercial interior design of shops.

Reference 17501051

Stock: Available

Lighting fixtures for stores Austin

Lighting fixtures for stores manufactured with molten iron moulds, old warehouse lamps design.

Reference 17501050

Stock: Available

Department store lighting Atlanta

Department store lighting manufactured in forged steel with moulding technique with metal finish.

Reference 17501049

Stock: Available

Hospitality light fixtures Jackson

Hospitality light fixtures made with molten iron technique with an attractive industrial pyramid design.

Reference 17501048

Stock: Available

Industrial light fixture stores Danton

Industrial light fixture stores with industrial aesthetics, wall lighting for interior design projects.

Reference 17501047

Stock: Available

Industrial wall mount shop light Tulsa

Wall mount shop light with industrial aesthetics, manufactures with molten iron and transparent glass.

Reference 17501046

Stock: Available

Suspended ceiling lights commercial Tusla

Suspended ceiling lights commercial, Industrial aesthetic lamps with sturdy and functional design.

Reference 17501045

Stock: Available

Commercial ceiling lights Kirov

Commercial ceiling lights manufactured in molten iron metal with transparent glass and protective mesh.

Reference 17501044

Stock: Available

Commercial grade lighting Charlot

Commercial grade lighting to be used in retail, hospitality sectors with an industrial aesthetics.

Reference 17501043

Stock: Available

Gold indoor lighting store Indra

Golden indoor lighting store decoration with an elegant and sturdy design for retail, hospitality sector.

Reference 10301110

Stock: Available

Metal shop light fittings Darlen

Industrial style ceiling lighting for interior design, these are recommended for shop light fittings.

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Reference 10301107/09

Stock: Available

Interior lighting stores Karina

Metal structure in gold tone with a transparent glass base. Elegant and modern ceiling luminaries.

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Reference 10301103/06

Stock: Available

Bamboo pendant light Eriste, Shira

Bamboo lamps manufactured by Francisco Segarra, have an original design, plays of lines and shapes.

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Stock: Sold Out

Vintage office floor lamps Alter

Office floor lamps, contract floor lamps for interior design, decoration projects with industrial aesthetics.

Reference 08101268

Stock: Available

New Retro light fixtures Viola

Retro light fixtures, ceiling luminaires made of transparent glass colours, Aqua, lavender, green and purple.

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Reference 10301046/54

Stock: Available

Industrial shop ceiling light Peyton

Shop ceiling light with industrial aesthetics, commercial luminaires for interior design, commercial lighting.

Reference 10301007

Stock: Available

Original lighting for hospitality Ega

Original lighting for hospitality with an industrial street light style. It comes with two lightbulbs.

Reference 10201065

Stock: Available

Laquered shop ceiling lighting Abril

Shop ceiling lighting with industrial aesthetic with a modern finish with laquered paint in soft colour white tone.

Reference 10901006

Stock: Discontinued

Commercial light fixtures Diana

Commercial lighting fixtures for interior design projects in restaurants, bars, cafeterias,wall and ceiling lighting.

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Reference 12601005/07

Stock: Available

Original vintage cluster lamps Leven

Vintage cluster lamps highly versatile, commercial lighting for business. It can be set in different form.

Reference 08101148

Stock: Availble

Vintage commercial luminaire Kase

Commercial luminaires with industrial aesthetic, it has a shiny metal with copper shine. Industrial luminaires.

Reference 08101148

Stock: Available

Aged commercial floor lamps Hat

Commercial floor lamps with industrial aesthetic, ideal for interior design in restaurant, cafeterias, bars.

Reference 08101208

Stock: Avaialable

hospitality light fixture Goccia

Hospitality light fixture for all type of business, with the brushed finish support and glass dome.

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Reference 09701018/20

Stock: Available

Lighting for hospitality Burnaby

Lighting for hospitality as hanging lamps with industrial aesthetics. made with iron, different finish.

Reference 09701000/13

Stock: Available

Contract ceiling lamps Granby

Contract ceiling lamps with industrial style, manufactured in aluminium. Polished or painted finish.

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Reference 09701003/17

Stock: Available

Pendant industrial lamp Agnes

Professional pendant lighting, made with wood and metal with protective mesh inspired in a worklshop.

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Reference 08101199/202

Stock: Available

Restaurant ceiling lights Lirio

Restaurant ceiling lights, ideal for interior design projects with a marked industrial aesthetic.

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Reference 0301035/44

Stock: Available

Ceiling Hospitality lighting Melon

Hospitality lighting as ceiling luminaires, pendant lighting manufactured in metal in three sizes.

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Reference 10301027/29

Stock: Available

Restaurant pendant lighting Flower

Restaurant pendant lighting as ceiling luminaires, with a retro design for interior projects.

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Reference 10301068/70

Stock: Available

Bar Industrial floor lamp Mogambo

Industrial floor lamp ideal for the illumination of interior spaces, round base, screen like a cone.

17,71×51,18/74,80in 45×130/190in
Reference 08101067


Industrial pendant lamps Wilder

Industrial pendant lamps model Wilder, made of two ceiling lamps united by a wood beam with serigraphy.

Reference 08101129

Stock: Available

Restaurant lighting suppliers Burnaby

Restaurant lighting suppliers for ceiling with industrial style, manufactured in iron with various mat finish.

Reference 09701013/14

Stock: Available

Glass luminaires restaurant, Trophy, Cup

Restaurant lighting as table lamp model trophy, made of glass available in two measurements.

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Reference Reference 10301018/19

Stock: Available

Industrial restaurant lighting Nikki

Industrial restaurant lighting luminaires for interior decoration of commercial spaces industrial style.

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Stock: Available