Metal restaurant table, Nicole

Metal restaurant table for interior design projects in hospitality. Commercial furniture, by FS.

40,15×17,71xh34,64 in.
75x75xh75 cm.
Reference 09801092

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Coffee table with storage, Tripoli

Coffee table with storage, manufactured with iron structure and wooden table top and wagon wheels.

48,03×30,31xh18,50 in.
122x77xh47 cm.
Reference 08001241.

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Restaurant round table, Isola

Restaurant round table made of iron with a robust structure for hospitality and retail sector.

Ø48,03×29,92 in.
Ø122xh76 cm.
Reference 08001004

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Low bar table, Mut

Low bar table model Mut. Manufactured with industrial design, iron structure and wagon wheels.

51,18×27,55xh15,74 in.
130x70xh40 cm.
Reference 07101279

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Metal restaurant tables, Loira

Metal restaurant tables for six diners, this commercial table is manufactured with metal structure.

70,86×29,52xh29,92 in.
180x75xh76 cm.
Reference 08001410

Stock: Available

Bar sideboard, Nopi

Bar sideboard model Nopi. Structure made of wood and marble table top. Commercial furniture.

85,25×29,92xh35,82 in.
214x76xh91 cm.
Reference 08001408.

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Round bistro table, Gisela

Round bistro table with wooden table top and iron structure. Ideal for cafeterias, bars, restaurants.

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Reference 10501021/23

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Round bar table, Gisela Land

Round bar table made with a sturdy iron structure, ideal for any business, cafeterias, restaurants.

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Reference 10501034/37

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Pub table, Katrina and Maveric

Pub table with industrial design, ideal for interior design projects, sturdy wood and cast iron.

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Reference 07101381/255

Stock: Available

Coffee shop table, Alberta

Coffee shop table and drawers with industrial style, ideal for commercial business in hostelry industry.

48,03×27,55xh16,53 in.
122x70xh42 cm.
Reference 11801300

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Coffee shop tables, Adriana

Coffee shop tables with rustic iron structure and mango wood table top, sturdy and resistant.

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Reference 13601046

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Restaurant side tables Alberta

Restaurant side tables for interior design of hospitality sector. Contract furniture for restaurants.

Reference 11801297

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Wooden high bar tables Nopi

Wooden high bar tables with square or rectangle table top. It comes with one drawer and two sizes.

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Reference 08001402/03

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Wood & iron commercial tables Vau

Iron comercial tables made of iron, ideal for interior design and hospitality sector. Original structure.


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Foldable vintage metal shop table

Foldable metal shop table with a blue table top, available in two measurements, Vintage tables.

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Reference 09601060/61

Stock: Available

Original display tables retail, Grim

Display tables retail made of wood, ideal for interior design as retail display tables, table for shop.

Reference 09601069

Stock: Available

Wood vintage foldable table Nicola

Vintage foldable table, square tables, foldable with wood slats, manufactured from recycled wood.

Reference 10201007

Stock: Available

Metal round table cafe Hosoya

Metal round table cafe with industrial aesthetics, furniture manufactured with forged steel, colours.

Reference 08001169/72

Stock: Available

Vintage bar side table, Matali

Bar side table manufactured in wood and iron base, painted in colour black with industrial style.

Reference 07101156

Stock: Available

Commercial side tables Bless

Commercial side tables for interior design, contract side tables with industrial aesthetics and rivets.

Reference 07101037

Stock: Available

Vintage round cafe table Noa

Round cafe table with vintage aesthetic, manufactured in iron and recicled scoured wood table top.

Reference 08101013

Stock: Available

Round table restaurant Adams

Round table restaurant, iron structure an central base, table top made of wood and decorative rivets.

Reference 11801108

Stock: Available

Commercial bar table, Zahara

Commercial bar table with a central base made of iron and wooden table, ideal for interior design.

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Reference 14001009/10

Stock: Available

Metal vintage folding tables, Amaya

Vintage folding tables manufactured in metal, they are foldable tables. Convenient yield space.

Reference 08001134

Stock: Available

Commercial table for restaurant Bagnal

Commercial table for restaurant with a zinc table top and recuperated wood structure, scoured finish.

Reference 10201044

Stock: Available

Teak commercial restaurant table Park

Commercial restaurant table for interior design, square wood table. Manufactured in teak wood.

Reference 12701027

Stock: Available

Wooden store display tables Chippendale

Store display tables manufactured in teka wood with scouring paint, table is apt for exterior terrace.

Reference 12701031

Stock: Available

Commercial bar tables Riviera

Commercial bar tables manufactred with acacia wood, ideal for interior design projects, greyish finish.

Reference 12701022

Stock: Available

Contract restaurant table Sushi

Contract restaurant table as commercial furniture for restaurants. Japanese style furniture.

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Reference 12701012/13

Stock: Available

Wood canopy table for restaurants

Canopy table for restaurant, original design to be used in restaurant terrace, outdoor cafeterias.

Reference 07101356

Stock: Available

Restaurant side table Catalina

Restaurant side table for cafeterias, restaurants, bars. Commercial furniture made of iron. Foldable tables.

23,62×23,62xh29,52in 60x60xh75cm
Ø60xh75in Ø23,62xh29,52cm
Reference 11801020/30

Stock: Available

Commercial tables for restaurant Niza

Commercial tables for restaurant with wheels to be used in commercial business in the hospitality sectors.

Reference 11801074

Stock: Available

Vintage cast iron table legs Adhara

Cast iron table legs for hospitlaity interior design, ideal for commercial spaces with industrial aesthetics.

Reference 07101564

Stock: Available

Industrial tables for cafeteria Star

Tables for cafeteriawith industrial aesthetic, Metal structure with wood table top, laquered paint.

Reference 08001212

Stock: Available

Wood & Metal shop table Ohiane

Metal shop table, elegant and robust, legs are made with molten iron molds with attractive shapes

Reference 07101530

Stock: Available

Restaurant communal table Koi

Rectangular tables with large dimensions to be used in cafeterias and restaurants. It is a sturdy, resistant.

Reference 08001173

Stock: Available

Marble cafeteria tables Escorial or Anna

Cafeteria tables made with forged iron structure with round table top and laquered in colour White.

Reference 08001184

Stock: Available

Hospitality foldable table Anolis

Hospitality foldable tables in metal, with round or square table top. Solid tables, sturdy tables.

Reference 8001174/76

Stock: Available

Vintage Commercial tables Jade

Commercial tables manufactured with mango wood laquered in different tones of colours with lathe legs.

Reference 11301014/16

Stock: Available

Commercial foldable tables Cerler

Antique Fold-able tables for commercial interior design, hospitality sector or commercial business.

Reference 11901287

Stock: Available