Decorative accessories


Coat hanguer stand, Berto

Coat hanguer stand manufactured with metal. Robust and resistant hat and coat stand for business.

Ø11,81xh72,83 in.
Ø30xh185 cm.
Reference 09801104

Stock: Available

Retail mirror, Edwan

Retail mirror made of mango wood and metal base. Interior design projects as dressing room mirror.

28,34×14,96xh73,22 in.
72×186 cm.
Reference 09801096

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Vintage cupboard knobs, made of ceramics

Vintage cupboard knobs made in bright ceramics, different sizes and designs by Francisco Segarra.

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Reference 09601411.

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Decorative oil lamps

Decorative oil lamps for interior design projects in all type of commercial business, bars, retail.

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Reference 09601410

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Restaurant enclosures

Restaurant enclosures, new product manufactured in rusty metal and glass with an industrial look.

179,52×59,05xh149,60 in.
456x150xh380 cm.
Reference 13101084.

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Vintage wall panels, Alison Creta

Vintage wall panels in different models, container doors, luggage, drawers. Restaurant wall panels.

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Pub mirror, Magno

Golden mirrors with a vintage style, ideal for interior design projects with an large dimensions.

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Reference 10301078

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Clothing store accessories rack

Clothing store accessories as clothing racks, metal lacquered in white colour with a vintage style.

Reference 08001223

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Metal decorative panels for interior design

Metal decorative panels with a vintage aesthetics, to be used in commercial interior design of spaces.

Reference 11901256

Stock: Available

Metal interior design lettering

Interior design lettering manufactured in metal, to be used in commercial projects with original designs.

7,87in, 20cm
Reference 09901043/46

Stock: Available

Vintage commercial accessories Sena

Vintage commercial accessories from the Sena collection, made if galvanised metal for interior decor.

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Reference 09901037/52

Stock: Available

Vintage decorative plates Sena

Vintage decorative plates made of tin, to be used in commercial interior design form sena collection.

Reference 09901034

Stock: Available

Metal restaurant order holder

Restaurant order holder for hospitality sector, to be used in cafeterias, venues, bars or any business.

Reference 09901038

Stock: Available

Leather vintage chest Foxton

Vintage chest manufactured by hand with great quality leather, with reinforced corners and metal locks.

Reference 07001006

Stock: Available

Candle holders as retail decor Pipelin

Candle holders as retail decor for commercial decorations of business with an industrial style.

Reference 08101093

Stock: Available

Buckets as retail accessories Neo

Retail accessories as buckets, to be used in commercial decoration of shops, shoes or clothing stores.

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Reference 07101225/22

Stock: Available

Serving trays with handles Jensen

Serving trays with handles made of wood with scoured and aged finish, for restaurant interior design.

Reference 07101226

Stock: Available

Cafeteria accessories flower pot

Cafeteria accessories for interior design as decorative flower pot mix models to be hanged in walls.

Reference 09601094

Stock: Available

Vintage cloth restaurant accessories

Restaurant accessories with a vintage look cloth. To be used as table cloth, magazine holder.

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Reference 07101347/366

Stock: Available

Vintage metal letters for design

Vintage metal letters to decorate the walls of your business. Made with salvaged metal sheets.

Reference 07101413/38

Stock: Available

Original restaurant check presenter

Restaurant check presenter made of pressed cardboard. Material for the hospitality industry.

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Reference 09601380/84

Stock: Available

Decorative metal sheets for interior design

Decorative metal sheets for interior design projects and professional decoration of commercial spaces.

Reference 09601378

Stock: Available

Vintage designs decorative sheets

Vintage decorative sheets, it comes in different sizes and themes for interior decoration of business.

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Reference 09601368

Stock: Available

Original bar accessories, bottle opener

Bar accessories to be used in hospitality sector, restaurant, cocktail bars, cafeteria, venues

Reference 09601379

Stock: Available

Commercial kitchenware Highlands

Commercial kitchenware, utensils, supplies, accessories for restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries.

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Reference 08101099/116

Stock: Available

Commercial accessories for shops

Commercial accessories for business establishments in hospitality sector as wooden trays to be served.

Reference 11901492

Stock: Available

New cotton knitted-pouf seating

knitted pouf as commercial seating for business, to be used in interior design, interior decoration.

Reference 07101581/84

Stock: Available

Hotel furnishings mirror Harsum

Hotel furnishing madein iron and glass mirror with industrual style, Available black and grey.

Reference: Blk 08001045 Gry/46

Stock: Available

Metal industrial bar furniture Clay

Industrial bar furniture ideal for bottles, plants, as storage shelf, for interior design projects.

Reference 10201084

Stock: Available

Real old mailbox for decoration

Old, Antique mailbox, revalued pieces nowadays in decoration and interior design, in offices.

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Reference 09601175

Stock: Available

Textured vintage wallpaper rolls

Textured vintage wallpapers, with creative designs with aged looks and textured finish.

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Reference 13101077/81

Stock: Available

Multipurpose wicker baskets Arona.

Accessories ideal for commercial furnishings, in the hospitality and gastronomy. Original baskets.

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Reference 15901042/51.

Stock: Available.

Contract furnishings pots, Planters

Planters, pots made of different designs, sizes and materials for the furnishing of offices, cafeterias.

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Reference 08001331/45

Stock: Available

Foldable cafeteria tables Alfred

Foldable cafeteria tables as auxiliary trays, foldable legs, can be used as expository trays.

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Reference 08001355//16

Stock: Available

Retail furniture suppliers Rossello

Retail furniture suppliers as Wall shelves with hooks, ideal when creating an harmonic place.

Reference 08001309

Stock: Available

Pouf seating for commercial business

Pouf seating furniture supply, as restaurant seating, commercial seats for the use in lobby furniture.

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Reference 11101014/22

Stock: Avalable

Contract store decorations, Trunk

Store decor for interior design of commercial spaces, also as decorative props, window dressing.

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Reference 09801017/89

Stock: Available

Wall mounted fireplace chimneys

Wall mounted fireplace with decorative wooden chimneys for interior design in restaurants, cafeterias.

Reference 07001054

Stock: Available

Wooden decorative wall panels

Wooden slats as decorative panels, in different combinations, painted, scouring cut in form of slats.

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Reference 07101447/74

Stock: Available

Decorative panels for wall and ceiling

Decorative wall and ceiling panels to be used for interior decoration of the hospitality industry.

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Reference 13101057/70

Stock: Available