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Fierro a gastronomic space in the Lounge section in Proyecto Contract Magazine.


Experts in interior design of commercial installations, hospitality industry and offices; People responsible for PROYECTO CONTRACT . They all come back strong with a selection of the best interior design projects, the latest views in interior spaces; Among them FIERRO restaurant, work of Coper & Porter. An innovative space for those that enjoy a not conventional culinary experience, it all revolves around a single table for twelve selective diners.

Elements and materials were selected in a meticulous way by the professionals in charge of the interior design to achieve an original personality that needs to be transmitted in a gastronomic enviroment. Due to the fact that we are talking about a reduced number of pieces, with a great variety available on the market, we take as a complimen the selection of stools and high chairs Mews from Francisco Segarra. Distributed along with the tailor made table, it’s the nucleus of the project that bets for noble materials and neutral tones.

The missing ornaments allows us to appreciate in detail the natural stone and the brick walls, taken over by the light that penetrates along the big windows. The leather is the only colour and warmth contribution in a predominant industrial environment where different culinary activities are developed, related directly or indirectly with the stoves.

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The great creative capacity of Coper & Porter, lies in a young team of professionals composed by experts in interior decoration, interior design, graphic design, capable of unfolding in commercial interior designgraphic design and communications to a high level of reputation.

Carito Lourenco and German Carrizo , have contacted with gastronomic enthusiast and professionals to boost and spread knowledge by means of shops, classes, presentations, samples and culinary demonstrations, Fierro has given Coper & Porter more than one recognition like the digital recommendation of Harper´s Bazaar that consider it one of the top ten, not to miss new gastro, and that’s a lot in a sector where new openings with a recognized  business requires an outstanding work.

Proyecto contract adds up to these recognitions. Their publications have achieved an important position in being a reference point  in commercial interior design , its articles are the source of inspiration for design professionals and design lovers in the decoration of spaces. A prestige source for architects, interior designers and hospitality professionals in the sector that see their hard work a succesfull and recognized project.

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I would like to congratulate all the people involved in this new success, that we also join in, our nonconformist nature, pushes all of us to the creation and distribution of peculiar pieces in favour of the clients that demand and requires exclusivity to achieve excellence.


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