New furniture

Collection of vintage and industrial furniture online.

In Francisco Segarra we have one of the most broad furniture catalogues for interior design and decoration projects in the hospitality industry, business facilities.

Current trend production of furniture with designs and a renewal in a continuous way, avoiding any market saturation and giving each piece more exclusiveness.

The sure bet on our brand for the vintage & industrial furniture has placed us together between top companies leader in the market of contract furniture .

We manufacture and sell vintage, industrial, decaying and antique furniture. We are experts in furniture for hostelry and all type of businesses.

Interior and exterior furniture, tables, chairs, stools, sofas, and a broad range of ceiling and wall luminaries, all together form part of the decorative complements also floor and wall tiles designed by the general manager of the firm Francisco Segarra, when making any project we have a broad range of possibilities for professionals of interior decoration and design.

Our furniture collection of current trend production provides products where the process ends by hand. With the purpose of achieving an irregular or aged finish, obtaining furniture pieces that breaks the norms. Unique pieces for spaces that arise character.

The furniture collection for the terrace has chairs and folding tables, benches and picnic style tables. Perfect for furnishing bars, cafeterias, restaurants and hotels; creating a relaxing environment to enjoy the free time. Furniture manufactured with sustainable wood like Taka or Acacia capable of staying unchangeable to any weather, temperature change or humidity. Requiring barely any maintenance or cleaning.

The auxiliary carts of industrial style made with steel, with wagon style wheels and broad wooden crates.

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