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To obtain antique objects is a passion shared by many, in the past years, the vintage trend has been on the rise, people seek these objects with enthusiasm visiting different locations to find specific objects, some for emotional or practical aims, motivated by a sense of nostalgia for past decades frozen in forgotten objects, or simply with aesthetic intentions.VIntage antique francisco segara

¨The British Antique Dealers’ Association¨, considers antique objects when it has more than 100 years old, but young and trendy collectors sympathize with this trend and want it all, from 1920´s art deco items  to retro objects from the 60´s.  We can see this trend flow through main cities hand to hand with a sustainable philosophy that give objects a second oportunity, its service life is prolonged even those that cannot be functional again can be used as decoration accessories that add value to any space.

It´s not hard to notice all the commercial business, contract and retail  bet for this trend when it comes to interior design, even marketing and advertisement.

 Interior designers know that people often feel more comfortable and are willing to spend more time in cosy, warm, homelike environments.

antique objects francisco segarra

The coldness of some past minimalist trends, made people incline for different colours, materials like wood, copper, brass, even the imperfections like rust and wear have become interesting details to look for, it gives a personal character and makes each piece unique, Leaving behind clean identical products made of plastic, fibre-glass, resins and other contaminant materials.

Firms like Francisco Segarra supports and gets involved in the search and revalorization of these pieces so demanded these days. There are numerous antique markets specialized in different sectors, located in different countries, frequented by collectors.

Mercantic a Charming Market

MERCANTIC is located in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, it’s a huge vintage village market  with more than 250 stands where artisans, collector join art galleries, shops, shows and different leisure options every weekend.

However the most renowned is ¨El Rastro de Madrid¨. A second hand market with more than two hundredth and fifty years of history has become a reference point with its commercial activity till today. Since 1740 around De la Villa slaughterhouse, in a kind of semi-clandestine bazaar that sells used object, coming from different sources. This place is a cultural heritage for the city of Madrid.

¨People walk around, buys unexpected things in search for something in particular, they try to bargain, have wine and tapas in the bars around and they always seem happy under the sun or the rain, because for a few hours is a different and attractive world.¨ (

In this emblematic zone of the capital city of Spain, where exchange, selling, buying and monkey business of second hand objects have been a timeless activity, we can find Francisco Segarra´s showroom from our vintage furniture firm in Madrid. A well designed chaotic scene where to find decorative cult objects.

Second hand shoop showroom francisco segarra

France is well known for its ¨Braderier¨ (second hand markets), with centuries of cultural heritage.  Many trips to the market filled with animated people from every region of the country and numerous fans go in search of curious objects usually bought in used objects shops.

A coexisting habitat by excellence, they are the meeting point preferred by Parisians, the incredible marché aux puces de Saint Ouen, hosts truly wonderful items impossible to find anywhere else.

Each year the city of Lille in the north of Paris transforms its huge passer-by zone into antique shops. Bargain hunters turn into the main character of a festive commercial tradition. Considered the biggest and oldest  in Europe. Lille unites more than 10,000 exhibitors, a display of objects full of history that pokes on our most fetishist side.

In England you can find the Alexandra Palace antiques & Collectors fair which  attracts more than 300 antique dealers from all over the country, offering beautiful collectors pieces of furniture, ceramics and jewellery, they also have pop up vintage fairs and activities oriented to attract a younger audience to the vintage and antique shopping experience.

Antique objects, unusual or genuine in decoration.

The passion to rescue everyday unused objects persist in Francisco Segarra since the beginning of our firm, adding value to our catalogue with a purpose, which is to make unnecessary to be an expert or professional collector to enjoy vintage objects.

Objects taken away from the everyday use and ripped away from its function cause fascination in interior design. Antiquities and Almoneda objects have a strong flow of supply and demand. Fifty years can treasure innumerable stories of an unknown past that stimulates the imagination of the spectator. This mystifying feeling flows tough the atmosphere taking its charm to every corner of the space.

Commercial decoration online francisco segarra¨ They ruled during decades, today old dinosaurs, auction meat, nostalgic sense in this digital era, they were the old word processors that wrote most of the history of the XX century, typing in offices and government buildings, in the loneliness of the novelist room and in the secretary´s cubicle, there still are custodians in love with its anatomy and its keyboard, with its rudimentary industrial design  that magically puts everything black over white.¨ (

Old typing mechanical machines, it doesn’t fall in the forgotten digital era, trapping new followers, some too young to feel longing for ink reels and liquid paper and WPM (words per minute). These old typing machines today are decoration in the most prestigious offices where its loud noise opens to the spectacular greatness of its presence.

We have a huge stock of antique typewriters, original flexors from the 80´s, metallic fans from the 30´s, wall clocks and antique desks recuperated for offices, waiting rooms and spaces where it requires distinctive interior design.

Vintage furniture fs online

Antiquities, almoneda pieces and used furniture for commercial interior design.

Commercial interior design contractRestoration and recuperation of old furniture is a true art and a trend on the rise.

The sinuous lines and the natural charm of pieces like old sewing machines appeared around 1850, they are authentic cult pieces and a collection item for those that grew up with the sounds of the stitching, now a days they have a high decorative value, the drawers are removed, once full of strings, showing on sight the artistic value of the mechanical legs in molten iron.

Its functionality relied on the unstoppable advancement in technology, equilibrated with the rise of those that know how to see in them real decorative art objects, capable of transporting us to other times. Commercial decoration uses this resources to attract the mind of sustainable consumers that appreciates furniture with a second opportunity.

Stitching nostalgic tradition, the Sewing tables from Francisco Segarra creates a new functional pattern for commercial projects of high end clothing in window dressing or the fitting rooms.

If you are immerse in commercial interior design projects or wish to give a fresh image to your business, you can acquire high aesthetic valued pieces with reasonable prices from the antique catalogue and second hand items of Francisco Segarra.Antique leather barber chair

Francisco Segarra puts in your hands items that you won´t find in any market.

Classic barbershops are going through a revival period, they offer men today the chance to experiment a service that mixes art, longing and workmanship. These places maintain the tradition, caring for the smallest details, the hair cut done with scissors and the shaving with a razor blade.

These hard to find pieces are part of our collection are sold in its vintage or restored state.

Pieces with renowned name, Chesterfield.

Chesterfield armchair sofas onlineWith British origins, born in the Victorian age, The Chesterfield sofa is a true iconic design, present in the most exclusive London gentleman clubs, also in the British high class society, Now looking to re-vindicate  its high status, these armchairs and sofas conquered the most select interior spaces in the past and today.

Original old chesterfield sofas and armchairs, high valued and hard to find due to its reduced numbers of existent pieces. In Francisco Segarra we have a selection of exclusive pieces brought directly from the United Kingdom they have survived the pass of time. The marks of wear rises the unique character given by its past.

You can count on Francisco Segarra to obtain these emblematic pieces like the old ice-buckets from the Coca-Cola company, Jieldé luminaires, Seiko vintage clocks or the field military phones SEL (Standard Elektrik Loranz)  manufactured around 1960 in Stuttgart, according to the German museum.

Belongings and elements that are the authentic anachronism, that will give your business, establishment or project a relevance and charm of the actual trend that looks into the past

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