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A challenging renovation project for the Hospitality sector. Arbiol


The Estudio Zorrozua Asociados takes on a challenging renovation project, a team of experts in the conceptualization of spaces, development and execution of interior design projects, with headquarters in Bilbao.

An old theatre as the starting point of this project… the objective, to convert into a daylight venue and a referent point in the city of Bilbao, under these intentions, Arbiol is born.

Restaurant decor ideas francisco segarra

We can appreciate the creative application of rich patterns, vibrant colours and textures, a well combination of styles through a variety of items; however one colour serves as the unifying element throughout this decoration.

¨Being part of a protected building in the city centre, we find a facade with few light entrances something essential in the new approach of the establishment¨ (Aitor Zorrozua Asociados).

An interior design that captures the outside natural elements and brings them inside. Tropical wallpapers,  a daylight produced by the creative layout of yellow surfaces over LEDs lighting. this creates a warm sensation that represents the carefree, fresh spirit of the venue, in harmony with the rest the golden collection of luminaires from Francisco Segarra

¨Lamps, furniture from Francisco Segarra, along with the vintage mirrors, a marble table top and floor tiles, created an environment of an old and elegant bar, in line with the style of the building and the neighbourhood the venue is located ¨ (Aitor Zorrozua Asociados).

An elegant design project with constituent elements that play a big role in the final result, where the colour and lines create a true harmony without sacrificing the organization for diversity, every piece in this interior design project was carefully selected and placed to give shape to an eclectic style that flirts with the bohemian.

Francisco Segarra´s collection of furniture is capable to satisfy the most interesting projects in the retail and hospitality. A selection of luminaires & furniture from different styles and eras as part of interior design projects able to synthetize complex concepts that breaks with the established.

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