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Make the best of your hospitality business this warm season.


Change of season and longer day light… Probably the best time of the year to give a twist to commercial interior design. This is the time to transmit the magic and the beauty of the most heated months, and to furnish bars, restaurants, hotels and rural homes. Discover what is waiting for you in Francisco Segarra’s furniture collection.

Activate your business and take advantage of this warm season.

With great weather, great attitude. The highest season in hospitality, arrives with a motivational spirit and a dose of energy and vitality.

Hospitality establishments have to adapt to every station and have to be able to renew its image to stimulate clientele, eager for new changes and innovative proposals.

Natural colours, sensual curves, light weight structures… spring decorations with elegance contagious with optimism.

Commercial outdoor furniture as colourful low bar stools, elegant chairs, curved sofasSeats that oxygenate commercial business, inviting to savour each instant in a sweet may afternoon. The perfect furniture to fill your establishment with joy.

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The charm of nature comes to hospitality with Francisco Segarra’s furniture catalogue.

There is no warm season without long walks, fresh air. Leave home to enjoy the sunny days and above all, the business terraces.

Nowadays the success resides in distinction and authenticity. A different and outstanding terrace to guarantee numerous passers-by.

Cosy due to the warmth of the wood, unusual for its forefront designs. Functional because its resistance and durability. Transform your terrace in a picnic area with the set of exterior tables and create your own style!

Hotel outdoor furniture

Family oriented, fun, relaxing… Who doesn’t like picnics? A healthy tourism is on demand. To adapt to the hospitality evolution, requires high doses of creativity. Offering a unique, intense and passionate sensory experience as the path to success for rural homes.

Want to go camping? Fancy trunks, Tiffin, cushions, small foldable tables. The charm of camping and the comfort of a luxury hotel.

Commercial outdoor furniture by Francisco Segarra.

Commercial patio furniture by FS.

Outdoor restaurant furniture by FS

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