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Telva space in Casa Decor 2016 with the collaboration of FS.


Telva, monthly publication directed by Olga Ruiz, is oriented to the feminine public, it has become in 50 years of history in a reference point in fashion, beauty, celebrities, decoration and trends. Its evolution parallel to the Spanish society and its fidelity to a style that makes it essential in the newspaper stands.

The July edition in the section ¨Lo último Decoración¨ brings us suggestive images of the Telva space in Casa Décor 2016, projected by Ana Pardo from Santayana, Ana and Rocio  Riestra from the Santayana Home studio with furniture ceded by Francisco Segarra.

The latest in decoration

A spring oasis where the life is enjoyed in a calm way and is marked in the porches with colonial style made by the Santayana home studio for Telva in casa Décor 2016.

Strong colours, attractive geometries and a luxury decaying atmosphere that brands the space that received the collaboration of great firms, among them was Francisco Segarra.

Inspired in the great colonial homes of Cuba in the end of the XIX century, eclectic and with intense colours , it shows a restful space, full of light where each piece is exclusive and personal.

A decorative panorama full of nature and wild flowers, the artisan pieces are present around the timeless design tiles, and a tile table top, amazing tableware surrounded by the glamour of the rio golden chairs.

Hospitality trends

Interior design chair

Casa Decor, the biggest decorative showroom of design and interior architecture.

The original formula in Casa Décor turns it in the only showroom of interior design and decoration in Europe, able to promote and give maximum visibility to professionals and firms trough the renovation of emblematic buildings.

More than a fair stand the spaces are the centre of diffusion for products, brands and professionals with a great creative capacity in real spaces perfectly conditioned and with a decorative dedication of great aesthetic quality and excellent execution.

Prestigious decorative projects made by decorators, architects artist and designers, that show the good work when planning and executing the project these are exposed to 32,000 visitors per edition, potential clients interested in decoration, trends of lifestyle.

Interior desig francisco segarra

Interior decoration

Francisco Segarra décor.

Consistent about the prestige of Casa décor and the value of the spaces that allow to feel, touch, experience and interact directly with the product, Francisco Segarra has been present in different editions hand to hand with other studios, interior designers and professionals that have demanded our collaboration, trough the lending of requested pieces of furniture to link their creations together.

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