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Designing unique touristic accommodations. Lemon Rock Premium Hostel.


A look back, a retrospective reflection, a boost to project the future, to be deeply involved, dedicated in the development of his passion, involved in projects that mark a personal and professional level, professionals need to look back, make an assessment of the coming objectives, with the perspective that time gives, based in the success of future projects to grow professionally.

Now a days to contemplate interior design projects by Lemon Rock bar & Hostel, is to contemplate an illusion, a materialised idea, fruit of the work and the effort but above all, the care for that special place, in a strategic location,  manor home from the XVII Century in the city centre of the wonderful city of Granada. Interior design projects that goes a bit further. A resting place for globetrotters. An establishment that enjoys even the most sceptical tourist when it comes to non-conventional hotels. This is a fact, that after the first year and a half, their good online reputation, reflects the user experiences.

Its exquisite decoration, its eclectic style… transmitting good vibes. A warm fantastic place…. Opinions, comments and an excellent assessment in the platforms that lead the online reservations worldwide, reconfirming this interior design done with Francisco Segarra Style.

The attractiveness of the Hostel. The reinterpretation of the hostel concept.

Hostels and lodges don’t have to be grim spaces or crowded, travellers are more demanding and learned; in their passion to go around the world, that’s where the feeling of being surprised comes, these establishments have reinvented in a new generation of businesses that add comfort, charm and good pricing.

The charm of hostels, for many it resides in the interactive relation among guests, the relaxed environment united with the anecdotes, experiences, rooms, with enriched travellers from around the world.

Designing a unique touristic accommodation.

Vicente de Luna, technician architect and one of the three brothers owners of Lemon Rock Bar & Hostel, they had a clear idea, years ago to make a Hostel in Granada, something out of the ordinary, knowing the technical part due to his profession, and the total trust on the vintage aesthetic that Francisco Segarra symbolises, also Cristina Bautist joined the creative part of the design of the space.

Some dreams take time to complete, the idea of opening a unique hostel in the city , came from Vicente Luna 15 years ago, when traveling in Scotland, sleeping in hostels, shelters for backpackers, Francisco Segarra´s collaborator and interior designer of this great project, connected one hundredth per cent from the beginning with the impeller o the idea, making the understanding a lot easier.

¨little by little we shaped it, based always on Francisco Segarra´s aesthetic trying to go a bit further, towards the European style, escaping the classic. Having in mind that is located in a big manor house from the XVII century, it was easy to have coffered ceilings, which were not modified, leaving old polychromes and hooks, the main patio has the space for a scaffold with lamps, bricks shown on the wall, mixed with the aged walls and wall papers designed by Francisco Segarra, manipulated to make it look like its been there for a long time.

This is how we start, Vicente and me to transform this manorial space in something with a more industrial inclination. I used working benches to seat, reused pallets o make exterior sofas and a mix of elements , following a chromatic line based in green and blue.

The illumination is warm, thanks to a great number of luminaires, all with filament light bulbs in the facade instead of the typical awnings, I used wood blinding, lacquered in black on top of an iron structure with golden trims.

We had premises in mind, the main… Music. That is why there are posters of bands and concerts all around, or emblematic concert entrances in frames.

So the manorial touch appeared, the sofa was velvet upholstered, Victorian metal sheets for the bar, the furniture in the patio, the wallpapers and the capitone for the benches in the restaurant and bar zone¨ (Cristina Bautista)

To design a Premium Hostel.

Lets talk about hotels, apartments and hostels …is possible to design a space with special characteristics, from a superior quality, a privilege place, thanks to recreating a gratifying warm space and closeness every client looks for, trough an interior design that cares for the accommodation.

Lemon Rock is a Premium Hostel, for its installations design and cared for every detail. Accommodations backpackers style linked to a bar and a restaurant, situated in the lower floor which offers a renovated kitchen based on traditional dishes because to travel is to contemplate, to discover and to develop all the senses, including the palate.

The 73 places of accommodation available, have been designed to allow the guest to enjoy with the most intimacy and comfort, the arrangements of the beds, private bathrooms, lockers, plugs, individual reading lights, considered inside a premium interior design.

The furnishing and the accessories. Francisco Segarra´s Speciality.

Furniture and decoration goes hand to hand, in interior design, the architecture or space design. to distribute and furnish any touristic interior is a determinant factor to have the right equipment for the space.

The well being and ornamentation have been given notice in this space that has an exquisite decoration, boosted by the union of noble and original materials that have been restored and its modern and industrial aesthetic. An attractiveness that reflects the identity of our brand, Francisco Segarra, as a proposition of a project that invites anyone to travel with a book bag in hand.

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