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Francisco Segarra’s hostel furniture arrives to the road to Santiago, Bercianos 1900…


The road to Santiago. A place to relax by excellence, chosen by thousands of travellers. Today, we take one of their paths to reach León district, in Bercianos del camino Real. This is where we find the cosiest lodge, a refuge to stay overnight. Tranquility, harmony and solidarity in a decorated space with Francisco Segarra’s hostel furniture.

A stop on the way, a charming hostel design. Bercianos 1900 and it’s vintage aesthetics.

Decades and decades of history hidden behind the road to Santiago. In order to live a true adventure, it’s precise to stay in an authentic hostel. A house dated from the 1900s, renovated for the comfort of the pilgrims and the town’s inhabitants.

An initiative made by Marta, a young entrepreneur with a clear objective, to revitalize the local tourism. Giving shelter to the numerous backpackers in the area. A homelike space reflecting the essence of pilgrimage.

A traditional appearance with a young spirit. Bercianos 1900 has a various areas, designed and though for the comfort of the guests. A hostel decoration oriented to relax the body and mind, also to recover the strength needed to go on the path. The charm of Francisco Segarra’s vintage and industrial style.

Commercial furniture for hostels

Hostel decoration with Francisco Segarra’s furniture.

Marta… counted with the help of Francisco Segarra’s interior design team for the hostel design of Bercianos 1900. From its laundry to its terrace. The furniture from our catalogue has been carefully selected for the comfort of the passerby’s and the functionality of the space.

I’ts time to unpack our luggage! wooden shelves with much space for our shoes, hangers for our clothes and Berciano 1900’s practical and useful laundry for all our needs.

Leather sofas and armchairs, around a small table made of mango wood, made to enjoy table games with friends or to simply read a magazine. Warmth and harmony in a perfect space.

High bar stools upholstered with capitone style, to sit around a table and satiate the hunger of a long day in nature. Mesh lighting made of metal… A restaurant with a family and friendly environment .

Comfortable bunk beds for the pilgrim’s rest. Robust pieces of wooden hostel furniture to keep our towels and winter blankets. Bathrooms completely equipped for the best awakenings. Cotton poufs and wooden tables adapted for high standard rooms.

Nothing better than a refreshing drink under the sun. A small pleasant terrace with rattan chairs and teca wood tables, for the well-being of the traveller and the happiness of the locals.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere for Francisco Segarra’s cladding and flooring.

Commercial tiles that beautifies each room, playing with its geometric forms, soft tones and its aged effects. A combination of porcelain tiles, taken from Francisco Segarra’s FS by peronda collection. Vintage style in its pure state.

In the reception, wall papers with vegetable motives, connect us again to nature. A unique textured finish that creates a great visual impact.

In the entrance, in the restaurant, in the laundry… Francisco Segarra’s cladding and flooring highlights every area of the hostel, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Creativity and originality to design an unusual space.

A unique space with a marvelous concept design hostel initiative. Come and live the experience on the road to Bercianos 1900.

Furnishing and decoration consuling: Hostel Bercianos 1900.

Francisco Segarra’s furniture in restaurant, game room, laundry and terrace.

Lodge furniture by Francisco Segarra  Hostel furniture by FS  Hostel design by FS  Hostel furniture design  Hostel decoration with vintage and industrial furniture

Concept design hostel

Lodge furnishings

Hostel room decoration

© Jose Maria Marcos Rivero

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