Tableware Francisco Segarra vintage furniture

Tiffins, trays, jugs, bowls, cups Color green

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Collection for the hospitality industry painted by hand and made with stainless steel,Tiffins, trays, jugs, bowls, tea boxes ideal for commercial tableware company dinners, or the take away business.

The Tiffin collection concept of Francisco Segarra bets on an innovative way to serve food in conventions events, restaurant dinnerware, hotel tableware.

Not suitable for dishwashers.

Want to know more about the innovative tiffin concept? click here



Tiffins 3 pieces Ø5,9xh5,11in Ø15xh13cm  Reference 13701021

Tiffins 4 pieces Ø6,29xh11,02in Ø16xh28cm Reference 13701017  





Round tray Ø12,99xh1,18in Ø12,99xh1,18cm Reference 13701015

Rectangle Tray 12,99×9,08xh1,18in 33x23xh3cm Reference 13701018 menaje-de-hosteleria-ensaladeras-bowlsSalad Bowl Ø8,26xh4,72in Ø21xh12cm Reference 13701014

Medium Bowl Ø6,69xh2,55in Ø17xh6.5cm Reference 13701013  

Small Bowl Ø4,72xh2,55in Ø12xh6,5cm Reference 13701001  


Ø5,31xh7,25in Ø13,5xh18,5cm Reference 13701020

Glass Ø3,14xh4,72in Ø8xh12cm Reference 13701011  

Mug or cup Ø3,34xh3,54in Ø8,5xh9cm Reference 13701016

Tea box Ø2,75xh3,93in Ø7xh10cm Reference 13701019

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