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Strategy, updates and management for hospitality,InfoHoreca.


Strategy, updates and management. The need to know all about the sector for all of those immerse in the creation and administration of businesses in the hospitality industry, restaurants and caterings. Access to interesting trusted and professional information of vital importance to begging projects the right way, for that we have InfoHoreca.

A referent point in information about Horeca to push the sector and the latest innovations, trends and knowledge taken to the real businesses and establishments to boost growth.

Good news are extracted from its interesting report. They published that the hospitality industry grew 7, 9% according to the INE data.

Hospitality suppliers francisco segarra fsHospitality today

Today´s hospitality is centred in conventions, fairs and contests that mark the current trend in the hospitality sector: InteriHotel, Gastrónoma 2016, La final Del Bocuse d´Or en Lyon, the new convention of the Hermestur Award, El Salón Gormets 2017, Inrtersicops and the latest equipment for bakeries and pastry shops or the presentation of a new emblematic Michelin guide.

How to boost the sector in hospitality?

¨In hospitality to be ahead to the changes is the key to success¨Arantxa affirms it, Directly from Hostelco.

The gastronomic congress leading in the national hospitality market makes up for a big part of the content of InfoHoreca, is evident the importance of the Salón and the hospitality suppliers by excellence.

Supply and solutions for hotels

The latest information about suppliers also have place in the 21st edition of InfoHoreca centred in solutions for hotels.¨Wellness¨ we mentioned it in some occasions, is not enough to offer an establishment for people to disconnect and rest. The usual client is becoming more demanding and wants the best for their health. These publications offers interest content for establishments in tune with health trends offering adequate options for the clients; the service, equilibrated diet, gym or spas added to the list. Hotels that offer health specific programs is opening a market, being the highlight of the sector, also moving parallel to interior decoration.

Hotel Interior

Establishments with a high level n interior design look for the readers pleasure. Moment for inspiration with aesthetics and relevant proposals and environments fruit of the talent emerging in the inational interior design. Monument Hotel o Bohemia Suites & Spa, luxury interior design in the summary of one of the best tools in marketing for the hotels.

Strategy, updates and management. InfoHoreca. In this professional sector, Francisco Segarra invites you to the biggest exhibition of Vintage & Industrial furniture for commercial spaces, Hospitality industry and offices. 10.000 m2 of installations in an exhibition in continued renovations with the latest in equipment and supply solutions to finish your next project.

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