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An exemplary interior design on how to decorate a bar. Carmela Trajano.


With the complicity of the night, four streets are the witness of an intense life of the lovers Carmela y Trajano. One legend, an inspiration. In las cuatro calles, the historic city centre, the nightlife zone of Almeria, Spain. Carmela Trajano is an outstanding example on how to decorate a bar, modern with good vibrations. A successful detailed project shared by the interior designer Cristina Bautista and the studio INTERIORES10. A tribute to Francisco Segarra’s claddings collection.

Carmela Trajano a trendy bar interior design.

Known as las cuatro calles, the old town unites all the locals in their most emblematic bars, pubs, clubs… Venues designed to enjoy the nightlife. Drinks, tapas and music. The nightlife and its new business opportunities. Bar decor, a world with challenges and possibilities; a bar design model that requires a captivating aesthetic.

Understood as a collective work project. Interiores 10 studio, counts with a fruitful professional trajectory. Its rigour, quality and modernism which the exceptional interior designer Cristina Bautista started, A successful design project.

Stone, wood and iron. Surroundings with personality… Carmela trajano. Bar design ideas for trendy venues.

Without a doubt, the ornamental factor is crucial, and when it comes to furniture, less is more, the aesthetic impact falls on the cladding. Lighting plays an important role. An emerging attractiveness of the natural stone, woods, and rusty frames tones.

A play of textures and materials. A cared and majestic design, industrial aesthetics as a call for a specific public. University people, late afternoon and nocturnal party goers… in search of venues with personality.

Venues with good atmosphere, a real success in hospitality. Original designs as one of the fundamental pillars to have in mind when it comes to opening a pub or a night venue.

FS Rombos, FS Venecia, FS Damero… FS by Peronda.

Floor tiles collections that break the monotony and transmit dynamism to spaces.

A geometric pattern, a hypnotic game. FS Rombos, a welcome in the anteroom.

A distinctive Terrazo , an ingenious turn, a unique porcelain tile. FS Venecia an area with much rhythm.

A black and white duality. FS Damero. The main character of a provocative VIP space.

A suggestive paving, a motley wall paper with vegetation stamps as an imaginary vertical garden, invading its walls, even taking over parts of the roof. Bringing back a play of textures and materials, with paving and cladding that incites to touch and feel it’s rough and imperfect finish, a bar design that invites to recreate, a bar with good vibes.

Sociable by nature, we feel the attraction for those popular places. To find ourselves in an area perceived as special and interesting, the success path in bars and night venues. Carmela Trajano… Design, personality and ambience.


Design Project: Pub CARMELA TRAJANO.
Interior design: Interior designer Cristina Bautista. Execution studio INTERIORES10.
Commercial furniture: Mendel stools. Marmont lamps, wall lamps Ardan and old recuperated ship lamps.
Floor and cladding: FS  collection tiles by Peronda, Wall paper collection.

Photos by © Ana Mora

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