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Antique Objects. An important mark to boost all type of business.


The impression, the image of today´s establishments, is not an insignificant topic. On the contrary. The quality is a must! The competition in price and specialization are faced with new technologies. To be able to wake up the interest is vital; each time is becoming more difficult.

How to upgrade the face of your business?

To catch the consumer attention requires a venue with an attractive aesthetic. This is why business in general is being obligated to be in tune with the trends and the taste of the market being targeted. To reinvent and use the imagination is hard work but necessary to activate sales, this is rapidly becoming the best option.

This is when without renovations or big spending, another appearance to optimise the image of the shop takes a definitive boost in sales. This is key to give personality and maintain the identity to transform the space with a limited budget; this is possible by means of renovating the decoration. Accessories, props and the proper placement and of these ornamental pieces to create a space effect in the shop.

The necessity to recuperate the investment, should not affect the necessity to outstand and separate from the competition on the contrary all the effort will be worth it.

The emotional potential of a unique piece.

Furthermore, for many, the paradigm of sustainability, antiques or recuperated objects with decorative purposes as a synonym of mystery. All the hidden stories that attract and seduce. For many is adding an emotional component, for others it reconstructs their memories parallel with the object.

One way or the other, to bring back the renewal effect in the client is feasible, is the will to experiment the strongest feedback, this phenomenon boosts the interest temporally, the attention, the motivation and the probability of memories among other incentives.

For this reason, if you are thinking of decorating or upgrading a commercial business, put your trust in unique and different pieces. Antique pieces should have at least 100 years since manufactured to be considered as such. Rare objects and accessories from other decades with peculiar aesthetics are ideal as exclusive articles, capable to change the face of the business.

The kind of scarce beauty

The acquisition of these collection pieces is a complex process, for that it has a high aesthetic value. Normally they come from private collection and two of the same is rare. To perceive this value, has always been Francisco Segarra´s philosophy. A print that bets on authenticity of commercial spaces.

Looking to differentiate your business with the beauty of scares nature pieces, those less common, the extraordinary. The atypical impression of your clients and users, renewing the face of your establishment with a proposal that boosts the singularity of your business.

These objects and accessories antique or recuperated; emblematic pieces that mark a trend in decoration of commercial spaces, have always been present in our furniture catalogue for the retail sector. Involved in the search and revalorization, objects capable of adding value to different business.

Charming children´s store

Going back to infancy, to feel the sincerity and the innocence, to go shopping with our kids, the decoration of a children´s store should be able to submerge parents in a nostalgic state and transport the kids to a magic world where they can develop their imagination, to recreate the perfect space to satisfy both sides with the correct design and decoration.

Abacus, toy aeroplanes, bikes… a toy store, kiosk, shoe store… we have furniture pieces appropriate to furnish your children´s business.

History as an added value in shops.

A generational business, with history and ancestry; closing an added value, so much that today all types of business escape all type of depersonalisation and does not give up in a decoration with history. The latent businesses in authentic spaces, in pure state.

An apothecary, a corner shop, a bodega… the aesthetic of a traditional business that excels, doctors display cases, notary tables, mail boxes, threads exhibitors… workers bench, carefully selected, are on high demand in decoration. Authentic jewels that come out of storage and are placed next to the retail dealer. Allies of a vital space.


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