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Industrial bar stools Eiffel, Reno, Daki y Kaa

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Industrial bar stools with wooden seat in different colours, shapes and formats. make your next original interior design using these bar stools, metal bar stools inspired in the great Eiffel tower.

Measurements: 12,99×12,99xh17,71in 33x33xh45cm

Low bar stool Eiffel Reference: Yellow 11801217 / Blue 11801218 / Green 11801219 / Black 11801220 / White 11801221 / Orange 1180122

Bar seating

Low bar stool Reno Reference: Yellow 11801227 /Blue 11801225 / Green 11801224 / Black 11801226 / White 11801223 / Orange 11801228

Cafeteria stool

Low bar stool Daki Reference: yellow 11801233 / Blue 11801232 / Green 11801234 / Black 11801230 / White 11801229 / Orange 11801231

Stools FS furniture

Low bar stool Kaa 12,99×12,99xh18,89in 33x33xh48cm

Reference: white 11801211/yellow 11801213/Blue 11801213/Black 11801214/Orange 11801215/Green 11801216.

Industrial stool online


Low bar stool Livorno 12,99×12,99xh17,71in 33x33xh45cm

High bar stool Ø18,11xh29,52in Ø46xh75cm


Commercial bar stools



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