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SKULL ST FOOD. Temper and character in an industrial bar with Francisco Segarra’s furniture.


SKULL ST FOOD. The ideal name for an amazing gastronomic proposal. In this industrial bar, there is no place for being shy or coward. A bold concept with good vibes wrapped by an underground aesthetics that arrives to Plaza del Rey in Madrid.

An open show kitchen, a rogue decoration and Francisco Segarra’s furniture.

In Madrid’s most authentic neighbourhood, SKULL ST FOOD invites us to ‘’ Have a bite at life’’ As specialist in restaurant and bar design, Arinni Studio has created a functional and attractive venue, that I doesn’t go unnoticed.

Revolutionary, innovative ‘’show cooking’’, this venue fits as the latest hospitality trends. By the hand of chef Carlos Nuñez, plates take shape in front of the diners eyes. The bar, open kitchen crucial parts of the bar decor, turning this space propitious for spectacle.

With a touch of rogue chic, SKUL FOOD bets for an industrial bar, over its walls, imperfections can be seen. Recycled shipping containers transmit colour and life. Blocks of rocks reaffirm the rough character of the space. This bar design surprises and fascinates. An original and bold aesthetic backed up by Francisco Segarra’s furniture.

Furniture that complies with Arinni interior designer’s premise. Functional and esthetical. Singular and daring. The seats and tables with industrial style come from our catalogue, showing its attractive imperfections in a space that highlights the latest on industrial style restaurants.  

Interior design project: Industrial bar SKULL ST. FOOD.
Interior design: ESTUDIO ARINNI
Commercial furniture: bar chairs Romina and Duan. Bar stools Fiona, Kenton Creta, Smog y Mendel. Bench Carabina. Table bar Cibeles, Libra, Star, Catania y Aruca.

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