Industrial style

What you need to know to choose your ideal industrial style furniture.

The industrial Style is directly linked undoubtedly to the ¨Loft¨ term, defined in the Oxford English dictionary like in a space generally wide and open, that we can find in every floor in the warehouse buildings with industrial style in the United States.

Students and artist with low income and a big necessity of space, will be the first inhabitants of these clandestine living homes in Manhattan in the 50´s, home of the trend movement.

To occupy industrial buildings with residential purposes was illegal but soon activist that defends the architecture declared obsolete by the industrial sector; will give a new life style where the art will take part of the day to day.

The renovation of warehouses, factories, storage buildings and shops, abandoned in search of production in cheaper areas; expressed a profound respect for the urban past and the architecture of cities like New york, London or Berlin.

Living spaces where to cohabitate and work, with common structural characteristics, liberated facades from its functions of support, allowing the installation of glass windows and forged metal, extraordinary natural light and forged steel structures.

Numerous artistic currents between them the abstract expressionism and the pop art, are born from the aggrupation of forefront artists in places like the Soho, focus of attention where numerous trends in fashion, art and FS interior design.

Linked to the loft aesthetic the industrial style decoration is born; marked by a great respect to the original architectonics and functionality.

Branded as cold and impersonal. The architectonic industrial style, in front of its disadvantages at the time to be adapted to the stereotype of family living. Has found an ally in leisure venues hospitality, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and shops. Spaces where professionals in decorative arts revalue the elements of the structure making a fusion as part of the design.

industrial style decorations

Naked structures; highlights the materiability of the pieces, combined with the modern manufacture Fs vintage furniture that shows the nature of the materials like rugosity, rust and inperctions; or contract furniture and recuperated luminaires wich its function is expired. Key of the industrial style.

The original Industrial furniture is actually on high demand, heavy pieces that usually have straight lines with wagon style wheels or dented parts.

Office furniture, recuperated prints and shops and dismantled textiles factories, can be combned with other piezes of recent fabrication that the industrial style produces.

In Francisco Segarra we offer a broad catalogue of industrial style contract furniture, in treated wood, steel or with a rust layer, industrial luminaires, recuperated and manufactured pieces made by hand to achieve those imperfections that give an exclusive character to the piece.

industrial style decorations francisco segarra