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Industrial storage carts Equinox,Tanger, Aura

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Industrial storage carts manufactured by Francisco Segarra, recommended for the use in restaurants, cafeterias or business in general, it has metal drawers. The structure is made of iron and wooden table top with industrial wagon wheels.

Restaurant furniture Equinox 3 Drawers 47,24×19,68xh17,71/35,43in 120x50xh45/90cm Reference 09801002 


Service carts online

Commercial furniture Equinox 3 drawers 48,03×18,50xh36,22in 122x47xh92cm Reference 08001314 

Vintage furniture

Cafeteria furniture Tanger 6 drawers 48,03×29,92xh55,51in 122x76xh141cm Reference 08001109 



Industrial carts for restaurants

Industrial storage cart Aurora 6 drawers 3 in each side. 51,18×31,10xh34,64in 130x79xh88cm Reference 07101028 Wooden table top only 51,18×29,13xh1,18in 130x74xh3cm


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