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Inspiration is born from what is forgotten. The beauty of decadent spaces.


Behind all the decay and wear of infrastructures or buildings, the beauty of decay is born.

Forgotten sceneries as time prisoners, turned into source of inspiration. The capacity to capture and to recreate the aesthetics of these magical places is an attribute to our furniture and decoration firm, Francisco Segarra.

The building´s scars as stimuli for interior design.

There is a certain spell created by the urban architectural decay, some consider these scenarios disturbing and unpleasant, others think it makes an area way more interesting. Being there raises questions about memories of a foregone but tangible past, showing our own transience as we become subject of pure contemplation.

© Chicago tribune.
The passion for these special places are shared by many, groups are formed and they search for those charming forgotten places… mansions, hospitals, schools… every structure has its own sensations, once found they keep it a secret, to make sure there is no further destruction.
These people have a fascination with infrastructures and decay; they call themselves urban explorers, these groups are made up by artists, photographers or adventurers.

Urban exploration and the art of capturing what is forgotten.

Some photographers turn these places into museums and galleries. A true experience from secretly entering abandoned structures to capturing the perfect photo depicting decay, abandonment and emptiness, showing the collapse of the past in a different format.

Eleonora Costi, photographer from Milan, spent the last years travelling, exploring and taking pictures of abandoned castles, villas, hotels across Italy.
¨It reminds me that nothing is permanent; I wanted to show there is obscure beauty in these places, unseen by most people¨. Eleonora Costi

© Eleonora Costi

Eric Hulbow, is a North American photographer, that trough its amazing pictures of abandoned buildings, shows the natural process of the unforgivable deterioration that sculpts this misunderstood beauty. ¨Abandoned¨is the title of his book, with a compilation of his best work and anecdotes.

Inspiration for interior design and commercial decoration.

© Eric Holubow

Christian Richter, artistic photographer of buildings based in Germany, he has a passion for these decaying buildings, appreciating those unique architectural designs, patterns and textures that these places offer. His works shows his expertise by right selection of perspectives of his images.

© Christian Richter

Monzter, Berlin s the work made by the artist Kim Kwacz, called ¨Monzter¨. Distributed in various factories of the city of Berlin. These colourful imaginative and cheerful designs that create a contrast with the surroundings, the grey and dark walls come to life.
All the attention is focused in the characters, the grim details of the place vanish and the sense of fantasy and abandonment creates a unique experience for the viewers.

© Kim Kwacz

As we see, when is about art, some artist turn to abandoned buildings when looking for the perfect gallery to present their artistry, here they are free to paint from floor to ceiling, and visitors can view their work freely. Lastly, we want to show you ¨The Alpha project¨. Amazing murals done by what is called reverse graffiti, a process that cleans the dirt off with a pressure cleaner, forming shapes, instead of using paint. The abandoned place he chose was ideal for this project, because the way natural light interacts with the artwork.

This ephemeral project was discovered 4 days before demolition of the building. Rone the artist not only discovered among the decay his perfect canvas, he saw potential and with a technique with no margin of error, took over these building for three months, leaving his mark of four realistic images of beautiful women.

Interior design inspiration for commercial projects.

To culminate, is important to realize that Abandoned buildings hold an amazing potential for imagination and overwhelmed feelings, they are a sanctuary of calmness, were you can contemplate the transience of life from a different perspective, it allows to get a glimpse into its past existence, knowing for a fact there is a story behind. There is a certain mix of danger, beauty and grim that attracts and hooks.

The knowledge, the inspiration and the involvement are the focus of our blog. The nature of our brand, Francisco Segarra, is guided by a vision without restrictions that is nourished with culture and history, with the intentions of sharing perceptions, theoretical approaches and ideals, showing places loaded with emotions which open a new path. A hobby to perform, with passion for these forgotten spaces where inspiration from decadence beauty is born.

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