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DolceVita #3 A guide, an endless source of inspiration.


DolceVita. Is a digital publication about interior design and independent lifestyle; born with the objective to be a daily source of inspiration.

DolceVita. Everybody needs inspiration.

Editorial pages, under one elegant and relaxed vision, as a great interactive resource for companies and professionals, a never-ending source of creative references and a platform that shows the best of the world of design.

With the will to be a magazine with superior characteristics than others similar, high level content as trends and products. This quality demands a rigorous selection, to spread those interior design and decoration projects that touch excellence. An ideal, followed by a cared editorial.

Those factors, per se and the long experience in the interior design word, from the director and editor and chief, Belen Lopez, have made DolceVita a reference guide.

(…) has taken extra human effort, and most of all, creative talent, beauty and the outstanding creativity in every page of this third edition. (resume from the magazine DolceVita#3,

New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage by Francisco Segarra.

The interesting summary of DolceVita #3 shows the efforts made by the team. The publishers always supporting those new talents like the legendary designers making an echo about the promotion of the new book called ¨New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage¨, Monography about the brand Francisco Segarra, edited By Architect Publications.

The company has a consolidated experience in the production and editorial of books, also with a deep knowledge about architecture and the decoration field. Used to spread the content that helps to broad the horizons of architects and interior designers around the world; a compilation of the most outstanding work of the firm Francisco Segarra. Now a referent to the world of vintage aesthetics, ephemeral spaces and interior design in the cusp of interior design, coming from prestigious professionals, part of this publishing.

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