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Informal and elegant decoration, Blanchette flirts with the decayed


The passion for vintage environments arrive at Soho, the small multicultural area in central London, known for its numerous clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants like Blanchette. A French Bistro where the gastronomy is not only to eat. Is pleasure, freshnes, and living.

In the number 9 D´Arblay St London, a new concept is born based on the idea to be able to share family plates from the French kitchen in a comfortable environment.Delicatessen, homemade terrine, cheese, whole chickens or apple pie accompanied with a fine selection of drinks like French wine or natural cider.

A restaurant where the use of local season products is the core of homemade cooking, simple and delicious where the quality of the products is essential.Maxime, Yannis and Malik, Brothers responsible of Blanchette, they bet for a space where food and a family environment achieve to be different from the rest.

Maxime and Yannis, have 25 years of experience, working in the best restaurants of London, New york and Paris. Malik is in charge of the music and to keep a great environment in the restaurant.

With an informal and elegant decoration, Blanchette flirts with the decayed.

Evoking the charm of a Parisian bistro, the venue has differentiated zones, where the connection is the uniform floor of decorative tile, in red paste from the collection FS by Peronda, designed by the General manager of our firm of vintage furniture, Francisco Segarra.

Interior design ideas

Interior design ideas

The collection of wall and floor tiles, inspired in antique tiles, with effect of wear, it has geometric designs like the ones selected for the floors, and neutral colors for the walls used in the back of the bar white tiles that imitate in perfection the pass of time and that later on were painted by hand, giving as a result original decorative tile murals.

In front of the bar, a line of high bar stools with footrest, seat and backrest model Nao of Francisco Segarra. On top of that original industrial light bulbs that give character to the project, on the side a visual focal point is centered in the exhibition of wine, sausages and cheeses, boosting the spending.

Restaurant furniture

The dining room is branded with a strong personality with the original brick walls and a variety of tables and chairs from different styles and materials that give a special, rustic charm, a place of continuous astonishment, that makes you want to come back.

Online furniture

FS online

Bar interior design

The illumination with candles complement this zone with wall antique lights of the Jielde brand, manufactured in the 50´s by Jean-Louis Domeq with the only objective to cover all the lighting needs of his mechanic shops and today they are a real industrial iconic product.

Wall lights original and hard to find because of its limited production that the company of Francisco Segarra acquires in different parts of the world, to later restore and introduce in its decoration projects.

Restaurant tableware francisco segarra

A unique and warm environment, close service were each client feels part of the family; this is the distinctive fact of Blanchette.

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