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Commercial furniture for clothing stores focused to young people.


Commercial furniture with Military aesthetics for the decoration of clothing stores for young people.

To make a pleasant experience of buying, is a key factor that influences in a positive way in favour of the business. But actual consumers does not go just for a good service, so we need to capture their interest, highlight it and keep an updated approach, the interior design and the aesthetics play an important role.

A functional and pleasant atmosphere, according to the identity of the business, product and users prolong the stay in these establishments raising the possibilities of buying more.

Thus the decoration needs to be addressed as part of the success of the business.

Tasks in which the amount of previous factors that influences in the interior design project itself, like the available capital to invest in the premises. There are multiple ideas and tips online for the decoration of shops and stores, but the business of retail shopping need more than basic concepts to create effective commercial interiors capable of optimizing the decoration and to achieve the needed results according to the profits necessary for the business.

Some business owners personalize the own store  in function of the personal taste and knowledge, but every time there are more SME that look for a apropiate decoration, they hire experts in the interior decoration capable of optimizing the decoration and achieve the needed results.

The interior decoration of a store does not have to be seen as a spending rather as an investment.

commercial furniture clothing store

                                                                              Images taken by Manuel Peris for & Magazine #5

Interior design professionals, either freelancer or employees of a design studio, are trained and capable, since is not something exclusive of the decoration of an interior space, but implicates a more complex labour where the objective is to achieve a positive result in function of three aspects of interior spaces, Comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Manipulating variables like shapes, colours and textures. Commercial furniture, Illumination, etc.

This combination of elements, using it according it to the needs of the project and the criteria of the designer give the space a distinctive seal with personality.

The difficult part can be the peculiarity of the different commercial sectors to which the product is directed for the commerce and its decoration, is the case of a market that turns more elusive.

The clothing stores for young people are one of the more complex scenes at the time to make a design, the aspects to have in mind to recreate the different environments are multiplied when trying to reach to a generation of clients with a greater social conscience, impatient, and highly technological.

Bit coin, Apple Pay and Google wallet allows us to obtain goods and services without the need to have physical money and is predicted for the year 2017 the estimated spending made by mobiles could reach 450 million payments.

Social networks, instant messaging, chat and other forms of electronic communication have turn in an ecosystem of marketing that forces business to evolve when their articles and services go destined to younger consumers.

With this landscape the traditional commercial of the retail sector, needs to influence in the construction of spaces that are highly competitive, to turn retail business capable of attracting this digital consumers.

Settled in a world that moves forward without stopping is of vital importance to adapt to a demanding client, the selection of commercial furniture is part of a vital strategy in sales.

In Francisco Segarra we count with a broad catalogue for a specific retail sector. Vintage furniture for interior decoration of commercial venues and a more industrial line with decadent aesthetics that connect with the younger society. Pieces designed exclusively for not conventional spaces, the ideal option for the decoration of clothing stores for young people.

 contract furniture for stores shops, young people

 Attractive and singular commercial equipment

Either for the decoration of your own business, or if you are an interior decorator immersed in the selection of commercial equipment, we have functional, attractive furniture capable of giving the tore the necessary spotlight to connect with the younger consumers.

Our advice: Military aesthetics or camouflaged.

In the world of fashion the camouflage, the intense green and the big belts are allies of the ¨Army¨ aesthetics and wins the battle to the trends season after season.

According to Vogue Spain, a referent in fashion and trends: ¨ It all started in the beginning of the last century when the war conflicts took thousands of men to dress with military uniforms.  When the world war ended these clothing, specially the coats where reused by their wives giving place and without knowing to one of the key trends in contemporary fashion, the military style. The women liberation, the hippy freedom of the seventies, the underground of the nineties and the powerful style of women in the present were crucial at the time to forge the aesthetics that has the colour green hunt, camouflaged stamped, the belts with big buckles, big pockets and boots like an identity seal ¨

This theme becomes so recurrent that has lost all ephemeral connotations associated to the ¨Trend ¨ Vocabulary, part of the success consists in its capacity to connect with young people.

The camouflaged stamped is always in trend in the world of fashion, now it comes to the interior design in the new furniture collection of Francisco Segarra.

The military Duan chair, are of big help when designing a waiting area with comfortable seats, providing the pleasant stay of customers, to spend more time in the commerce and raising the possibilities of shopping.

Duan chair army francisco segarra

If you prefer benches for your decoration we have pieces that will be without a doubt the focal point in the most daring commercial interior design projects like the bench with chest Carabina, exclusive pieces made with old ammunition trunks, converted in original pieces that gives comfort to the clients and maximizes the storage space in the store.

ammunition trunk FS ammunition trunk FS furniture


Inventions that emerged from the necessity during war conflicts, like the German fuel container the Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister, known as¨ Jerry’’¨ can for the nickname given to them by the allies. Today they are valuable objects in the interior design. Singular and rare which their attractiveness resides with history and enigma.


Cult objects like the German military field telephones brand  ¨SEL¨  in Bakelite and according to the German historic museum  from the 1960. Manufactured in the Standard Elektrik Loranz (SEL) located in Stuttgart, they keep the adhesives and annotations during its use in the field, making them authentic collection pieces.

commercial furniture fs furniture camouflaged

                                                               Bet on antiques to captivate the interest in the younger consumers.

Recuperated objects and belongings are ideal In the commercial interior decoration used as prop mode to achieve a provocative showcase in the establishment, capable of capturing the attention of the passer by.

Floors for the commercial zones that make the difference.

The collection of pavements are ideal for spaces of public or commercial use for its high resistant to transit, FS by Peronda,

It counted with an exclusive design where far from going unnoticed it was the centre of all the looks. FS Rambo

Pavement, tiles francisco segarra

                            Image taken by Manuel Peris in the Francisco´s Segarra showroom.

FS Rambo Limited edition design.

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