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The sieved & cozy decoration of the industrial style of the restaurant La Clef d´Or


Great quality cooking with fresh products, cozy environment, wine tasting and live music that seduce the clientele.

The idea was conceived by the architect Steve Baldini in collaboration with Sophie Imbert for the interior design of the venue, based in a sieved decoration, soft and cozy with industrial style that reminds us of the New York bars.

Pragmatic and perfectionist, Steve Baldini creates a space where the walls are tubes and brick walls, the sinuous typography and painted ornamental wall paper, the manor Victorian style roofs surrounds us.

We have a broad catalogue of vintage and industrial furniture for hospitality sector Francisco Segarra.

Pieces like the Mendel stools with leather seats, the high bar stools with backrest Rive Stools with French design of the 20´s Podium or the original stools Kenton. These last designed by Francisco Segarra with bicycle chains and pedals that show the perfect union of the original bar created with window shutters.

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