Interior decoration Department

Interior designers and decorators at your disposal to offer guidance and counsel in your next interior decoration project.


Independently from the type of construction in the design process. The first step is to determine the clients objective, deadlines and budget. The final objective is to always to try to yield the clients profit, giving added value to the business space.

The labour of the vintage interior designer starts with a visit to the place and a first contact with the client, to know first-hand their taste, aspirations, budget and deadline, like the elaboration of the graphic documentation needed to define the commercial space correctly, materials selection, finish… in some cases that can be in charge of the supervision and execution of the projected jobs.

The proposals in interior design should have viable solutions, coherent and positive to the demands of the client´s space. All space projected should keep its functionality and should generate value from the aesthetics.

In the concrete case of the Fs vintage interior, industrial and decayed, results really interesting the utilization of the conditions and characteristics of the place. Trying to boost those original parts like the pavement, wall coverings or original structural elements that have been preserved generation by generation. Through the election of Fs vintage furniture, illumination and decorative elements it can be achieved the culmination of the spaces and the creation of atmospheres that offer an experience to the user.

The FS designers and interior decorators team of Francisco Segarra works in collaboration with other professionals of the FS interior decoration industry, assisting and providing creative ideas to generate unique spaces; in an independent way in internal projects ( Fair, Stands, FS Showroom, Environments for Photographic sessions, Offices) and external projects selected for its interest and relevance.

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Images by © Francisco Segarra