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Our aesthetic seduces the restaurant interior design in Hong Kong.


Pirata group reveals another interesting interior design project with furniture pieces by Francisco Segarra, adding another project after Tokyolima. The new creation of the group takes the name of Pici restaurant, a concept of handmade pasta, and is causing quite a stir in the city of Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Pici has two modest plants. However in the first floor there is a seating area with large semi-open windows, allowing the space to interact with the outside. A space where you stop to contemplate the rush of life and in turn enjoy the satisfaction of Italian food. This area also has a peculiar bar on the street that surrounds the corner of the establishment.

Hospitality groups and restaurant designers trust in Francisco Segarra´s identity.

From the outside a striking sense of transparency through the large windows where you can appreciate the interior warmth provided by Francisco Segarra Zape wall lamps to specific points of the establishment. Wooden paneled walls to the base, in a subtle contrast of color and texture with the marble of the bar. The interior furniture of the restaurant is made up with the William wooden stool and the Mews chairs, both of the collection of Francisco Segarra maintain an interrelation with the surroundings.

A modest place with fresh air and relaxed atmosphere where you watch the chef behind the counter preparing the dough. A bookshelf conveys the feeling of homey surroundings, a culinary oasis in the middle of the windy streets of Wan Chai.

Together with the Pirata Group and Pici restaurant, the aesthetic that characterizes Francisco Segarra, expands and seduces in Asia. A style that in recent years has established itself as a true reference in various sectors, especially the contract sector and the retail sector; Motivated by the confidence that the large groups and chains of hotels that have deposited in our brand of furniture.

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