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Forn Le petit pain, a new concept in the city of castellón that unites the services of a bakery, patisserie and a cocktail lounge in a different space in the capital city.

Its owner Javier Sales trusted the total project to the General manager of our firm Francisco Segarra with a unique objective… vintage aesthetics with elegance.

The building counts with three floors with sales service bakery and patisserie, bar cafeteria, restaurant zone, cocktails and shown kitchen. The ambient in each zone is projected in a functional and practical way at the same time a cosy and exclusive design is found.

The elevated roofs allows it to gain height and leave the structure and air conditioned vents seen, the ceramic floors from the collection FS by Peronda ceramics, imitates in perfection the wood texture that give off warmth.

Recuperated wood are used in the creation of the bar and the counter, just like the old scouring doors in the background of the bar of the cafeteria. In this zone the furniture is composed by majority of chairs and stools of French style, in galvanized steel, light and confortable for a versatile use.

The dining room zone presents a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for those endearing reunions and placid nights, for that the big windows where left and the overlooks of the original home, a spectacular chimney was installed by Francisco Segarra, made with steel riveted sheets with a rusted treatment made on site.

The most exclusive and sober area counts with a broad selection of leather sofas like the Motto, Artu or church hill, some comfortable Chester sofas and the Volga tables with adapted height to optimize its comfort.

The impressive Milano Table, in old pine wood made for eight diners, governs the dinner room, surrounded by upholstered Lara chairs, over them the Bilston Lamps placed in spider form, a great illumination for conversation.

The bread sales zone has a group of glass lamps Emily, while the illumination of the cafeterias are solved with hanging ceiling lamps Motorcycle, manufactured with old motorcycle suspensions like decorative elements and a bell painted in russet colour with an aged technique, the interior is golden that gives a warm light.
Forn le petit pain has bathroom in harmony with the rest of the aesthetics of the venue. Removable roofs upholstered in English paper, contours in wood, original wall lamps, old pictures, decorative light bulbs and an exceptional base of polishes steel designed exclusively for this project that it supports the mirror and the old marble sink.

The venue has a refrigerated terrace and conditioned in the winter with modern and ecological technology to take care of the environment. The final result is a practical, functional, cosy and exclusive space, capable of waking up and transmit the sensation of well-being. A project 100% Francisco Segarra.

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