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Francisco Segarra makes his way in the English-speaking media, Attitude Magazine # 76


ATTITUDE is a renowned interior design magazine, based in Porto, Portugal. With a worldwide distribution, being published in two languages, Portuguese and English. Through this mean Francisco Segarra makes his way in the English-speaking media, with experts in architecture, design, art and lifestyles.

Characterized by having a more intimate writing style, mostly based on lived experiences, generating a strong bond with the readers.

Source of inspiration and beauty.

Different types of papers, textures increase the reading experience in an exponential way. Photo sessions are adapted according to the theme of each edition. Amazing architecture, beautiful interiors, artistic accessories … Interesting reports that attract and makes loyal readers.

The best interior design. The latest trends.

Inspiring and original content, projects to highlight, like the case of BURDO´s interior design project. An exceptional work that welcomed and diffused Francisco Segarra´s aesthetics in Latin America through the distribution of our furniture by La Revolución Industrial, our partner in Colombia and Massif Design Affair. responsables of the design.

Interior Design Project: Burdo Bar.
City: Medellin, Colombia.
Interior Designers, Decorators: Masif Design Affair.
Professional Furniture & Illumination: Francisco Segarra.

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¨ Irreverent space with what is established, it conjugates the numerous flaws of its walls with hypnotizing geometries and elegant capitone seats. Wood, leather and vegetation become visual resources of great impact […] Taking connotations concerning a careless space, whose overall finish denotes imperfections or lack of luster, we understand the somewhat dubious etymology of the term BURDO. Because in this sense, it is true that BURDO is rustic and imperfect ”

The best interior design. Latest trends

Attitude Interior Design Magazine serves as a guide and reference material for design professionals. Among its sections: Relax in Public, Designers with attitude, Books… this is where to find recommendations of the best consulting books, among them we find our Book ¨New Furniture & Vintage Design¨ by Francisco Segarra, a compliment for us.

Its editorial team presents with talent, effort, exceptional creativity and good doing of the best professionals in the sector in bimonthly editions. Its pages attract readers to a world of art, design and trending topics, where originality and creativity create an intense blend of different nuances and sensations on each page.

It is a true privilege for the team of Francisco Segarra to be part of a magazine with great reputation and high demand in the field of design, art and architecture

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