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After renovations made by Francisco Segarra ¨El Refugio café a new classic¨


The special newspaper supplement in business and finance of Diario de Teruel, speaks about the reopening of the mythical venue EL Refugio after the interior renovation by the interior designers at Francisco Segarra.

¨the business need to be modified periodically¨ said the owners and brothers, Miguel and Juan Carlos Górriz.

According to the writing:

Even though the venues is the same, has gained popularity without losing the essence that was characterized, the bar is on the same place and the TV corner also, but seating booths, wooden tables and chairs  of inspiration, invite the clients to have a pleasant time.

This confirms the good work of the interior design team that has achieved to update the coffee and drinks, preserving the mountain spirit, at the same time with the owners demand, to update the business after fifteen years on full use, and to boost the afternoon hang outs, a raising trend in the Tuolense capital.

El Refugio keeps on being a shelter, a more homelike environment where to take cover against the exterior nature harshness, a surrounding with relics of vintage style where the usual clients can still recognize because it preserves its personality.

Renovations are not easy work, but with an optimal image is vital in a competitive leisure sector. There are more owners of cafeterias, restaurants, hotels… that choose to update their business. To preserve the identity of the venue and to count with educated and competent professionals, capable of taking any renovations with a results acoording to the space available, it makes the investment worth.

A renewed space that attracts clients and help them to be loyal to the business, increasing the level of satisfaction to boost the personality of the venue, for that the appreciation of the usual clients and for this firm is a great satisfaction, conscious about the degree influenced in the social environment.

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