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Interior design of gastronomic businesses. Olivando a different gastrobar.


On the foot of the olive tree, a tedious labour. Shadows that bring tradition and gastronomy. The tree, olives, oil. Natural heritage and the essence of Mediterranean lands. Olivando, a restaurant with Francisco Segarra’s pieces, a place to enjoy a peaceful, tasty and seasoned life.

Tradition as the essence of a gastronomic business.

A landscape of millenary olive trees on the foot of the mountain. The family union on the harvest day. All the flavour concentrated in drops of olive oil. A gastronomic business that brings back aromas of abundant land of a rich past.

¨El pollo que quiso ser cazón¨ or ¨Presa Iberica¨. Plates of a gastronomic offer based in the quality of the seasoned products.

From the olive field, extra virgin olive oil; from the vineyard, select wines. A good nature service with a close treatment. Differentiation factors, the simplicity of country people, the toughness of field labour, the care of the olive trees; values that Olivando takes to its kitchen to the clients service.

When talent, willingness and aesthetics go hand to hand. A different gastrobar.

The olive tree, olives and oil, are the conductor of this gastrobar located in Valladolid. The object of Blakinteriorismo; was to be identified with this idea. A shoulder to shoulder work from partners and owners. An interior design of business that recreates our landscape. An identity sign of our gastronomy.

It could not be another way, symbolic and ornamental, the olive tree as the main character, and all around we find the most relaxed area, a small comforting space, like its shadows after a long sunny day in the field.

To sit and enjoy the sunset with a warm atmosphere. The reddish tone of the clay, present in the walls. Original luminaries with incandescent light, the coppery tone of the aged leather.When you sit down, you feel the brand. Aesthetics that bets on tradition with a look into the past.

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