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CARNIco, commercial project in Tapas Magazine, with a national gastronomy award.


CARNIco, commercial interior design project by the firm Francisco Segarra in Tapas Magazine, The publication highlights lifestyle and gastronomy. Edited in Spanish and English, the monthly publication with 65,000 printed copies can be found in local newsstands, VIP waiting rooms in the airport, train stations, selected hotels and restaurants also present about the vintage market, gastronomic fairs like the Madrid Fusion, Fitur.

The first magazine about lifestyle and gastronomy for those that are hungry to live.

The ¨Lifestyle ¨. Well cooked is the best way to taste everything that is going on around the gastronomy in small bites, with interesting reports of radiant trends like the arrival of CARNIco to Chambery.

Profitable business ideas

Chambery shows our flesh…

¨An old style butchery, a vending machine that is actually a meat chamber to cure meat, knifes and other hanging secrets¨its how CARNIco can be described¨

Interior design ideas

Francisco Segarra´s commercial interior design signature.

Alvaro Jiménez  a son of a butcher and driver of growth of the new generation of a family business, La finca de Jiménez Barbero, he saw right away the possibilities to open a neighbourhood butchery with a dynamic nature and a compromise with the meat culture.

¨We wanted the decoration of the establishment to be the most authentic and genuine. Modern and cosy, in neutral tones, with white tiles covering the walls, with decaying style surroundings with authentic recuperated accessories from old businesses.

We love everyone, from hipsters with beard to housewives asking ¨who’s next?¨, so we proposed to like them with certain aesthetic ideas that they can feel identified. (CARNIco dossier 2016)¨

A butchery for enthusiast in a commercial design project that preserves original structural elements like the neoclassic columns, articulated towards the countertop, acting like bones that support the rocky structure like muscles covered in a ceramic skin that highlights the tones of the selected meat.

The exclusive and unrepeatable experience, as to satisfy the carnivore wishes of the clients, it deserves aesthetics on the same level, from the artistic installation perspectives, the freezer function is to guard the cattle loins reserved by the clients, a space to let the meat rest and let the maturing process take its course covered in natural fat that, all that simulated by huge metal vending machines.

Francisco Segarra online

Sauces, spices, accessories and tools, made of this a singular butchery, in its amazing knife section we can see the furniture piece made exclusively  for our interior designer´s project.

Contract interior design

Bar interior design

For Francisco Segarra in order to be implicated in a project, he has to have an emotional component or personal attractiveness. 50 years of experience and the infinite knowledge of the trade of the pioneer firm know for the ¨Happiness meat¨ motive to get involved in a project that honours the world of the meat, further than selling it connects the love of the product and the experience of an important firm with other universes like design, art, fashion, illustration, decoration…. Because CARNIco has so much to tell with its own publication ¨Cmag¨ where they share recipes, tips, interviews…

Restaurant interior design

Contract furniture

The food is ingested with the eyes in Tapas Magazine. With a 2015 national gastronomy award for the best paper publication. A space about the lifestyle in gastronomy, it’s the best excuse, the engine and what awakes the appetite by reading it with stories of people that eats, cooks or moves around a tasty sector where interior design, fashion, trips and leisure is susceptible to turn into a stew of Tapas.

The gastronomy boom deserved a reference point like Tapas Magazine, Andrés Rodriguez is the editor of the 100% Spanish publication, with international character, its English edition its distributed in the most important capital of the world.

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