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Get caught red handed with Francisco Segarra´s latest project for La Finca CARNIco.


Carnivores from any class searching for a top quality and honest product, no matter if they use the term tournedos or quart or half, they gather in the new CARNIco. An exclusive Francisco Segarra project for La Finca De Jiménez Barbero, it will leave you perplex.

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CARNIco part of the duality of bone-skin, its contemplated from the perspective of contemporary art, fusioned in the classic meat place scheme from the past with an artistic soul of French boutique.

¨Arty¨ concept but most of all eclectic.

It is articulated by means of deconstruction of the skeletal muscle. Diverse antique accessories, neoclassic columns, that go around the counter and act as bones that support the stone structure like muscles, surrounded at the same time by a ceramic skin that highlights the red tones of the product.

CARNIco is a rogue and defiant Opera, perfectly in harmony. The meat as an artistic piece, like the main theme, cult and desire piece. It goes in deep to the obscene part of the meat, it incites the carnivore and provokes the spectator.

The main idea was to transmit the meat concept, recently transported from the farm of Jimenez Barberó to the main counter. From the truck to the fridge toward the freezing chamber.  Treated with care by delicate and experts hands during the whole process.

The project is articulated in 3 axes distributed in a longitudinal way, the showcase, the service bar and the cutting zone.

The showcase area pretends to show the product like a sculpture, the illumination unveils wrenching volumes and infinite numbers of white fibres.

The service counter is presented as a manor piece sculpture with soft shades of black and delicate finish surrounded by a black and white checker board floor tiles Damero.

The cutting piece perspective was handled as artistic installations. Its flanked by brass tone dispensary machines. Where the concept plays with meat consumption like an everyday element and at the same time the meat is stored.

Ceramic skins and aged metal wall panels surrounds the group.

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Interior design ideas

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Contract interior design

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Interior design ideas

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