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The best interior designs in commercial spaces photographed by Paulina Arcklin


Either for the creation of a product or a space, the design stage requires multiple considerations… either functional or aesthetics, a process that requires numerous stages, among them; observation, investigation, analysis, adjustments, planning and execution.

Design is a complex task, that usually involves various disciplines and duties, connected depending on the product or the space but nevertheless is a powerful weapon in a world so competitive like the commercial sector, capable of influencing their own success or failure.

A laborious context that requires a presentation on the same level. To be able to reach to a world so technologically connected, the attractiveness and the relevant characteristics of a product, service or space, this is vital for the brands.

Paulina Arcklin, has years involved in her passion, the style, the image, the interior design and photography. Her captivating images puts a face to the products, venues, hotels, restaurants and business in general, all this around the world.

Spaces treated with good taste and charm, an exquisite job that shows the culmination of hard work in interior design for commercial spaces related with our line of design.

We review the portfolio of a writer, interior stylist that creates the images of prestigious magazines and decoration firms, with a unmistakeable style based I the use of lights in natural surrounding s under a homogeneous chromatic range.

Great brands and renowned designers share with her the idea that:

¨is not only an image… is your company image, the face of your business. Is your style, the image of the product. The brand and identity. Is what the world sees. And that’s what sells!¨

                                                                               Paulina Arcklin

In one of her latest work, the known picture opens the doors of a peculiar posada. B&B LOCANDA ROSA ROSAE. Relaxed areas, intense aromas and delicate silences in a rough decay space and no for that is less attractive.

interior design workplace

Bar interior design

Interior design francisco segarra

Room interior decor

The YARD MILANO hotel shows a commercial space in an outstanding interior design where recuperated pieces are the main focus in a new context. The barber chairs in the main reception zone and the clutter of canes, trunks, flags, earth globes and belongings that come to life, the result is spectacular, through the objective  of her expert interior designs.

Interior styling images

Commercial decoration

Elegant interior design

Interior design fs

The advertisement sheet metal of the shop RIUNITE MILANESI, the old ticket booth, luminaires, file cabinets and armchairs, is a proof of a particular interior design, that attracts those passionate people for those spaces that looks like is been left behind, frozen in time.

Interior styling shop

Commercial decoration online

Interior decoration images

Bars, Coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, business in the hospitality sector where the spaces turn eclectics to their usual customers, just like the shops and pop ups where the trend is marked by the industrial furniture.

without a doubt attractive images thatsinishes the work of great professionals in interior design.

Restaurant interior design

Interior design fs online

Contract furniture fs

Commercial interior design

Interior decoration ideas

Interior design projects



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