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Decay and sophistication in the FS decoration of the restaurant Tr3ce


From the collaboration between the firms Myblüchers and Francisco Segarra ¨Tr3ce¨ emerges.

A ¨food concept¨ in the historic centre of Valencia. Located in Calle Calatrava 12 bajo, some steps away from the Serrano towers and the cathedral, the Valencian designer Victoria del Hoyo and the furniture and interior designer Francisco Segarra, have united their creativity in a singular showroom restaurant.
Cicles of gastronomy and movies, fashion events, projections and shows… fun and entertaining experiences for the public, to encourage the alternative leisure that artist promotes satisfying the culture consumers. Market products, brought daily in slices to make short and simple elaborations, Croquets, sausage, salads and cans…

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Staring from creating an unusual environment, between decayed and sophisticated, a venue with a cult to pieces that are deteriorated by the pass of time.
The entrance is presided for one piece with its own name, a sober Chester leather sofa crackled by the pass of time, a combination of past and present with upholstered seats in English fabric with high quality yarn and a serigraphy trunk used as table.

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The hydraulic tiles with mosaic design breaks the longitudinally of the venue, marking the different spaces and is combined with carbonized bamboo, a warm and natural lining.

The facing of the bar is with old sheets of tin from the Victorian age, distinctive unmistakable from our furniture firm Francisco Segarra and the passion for pieces with past, flanked by the Tilton stools with footrest, steel structure and wooden seat.

The open room furniture is composed of a arrange of tables and chairs of vintage line of the firm of Francisco Segarra with rectangular tables Otto, in mango wood with a central hole and zinc ice bucket. The Nirvana chair in natural braided rattan and brown colour or the robust chairs Mecano or Preston of metallic structures and wooden seat, boosting the bar and the European customs of sharing tables to promote the conversation.

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Interior design fs online
Combining till the smallest detail, the vintage dinnerware combines plates with ceramics mosaic árabe de Fez, following the aesthetic of the geometry drawing of the hydraulic tiles, table mats of sulphate paper used in old butcher shop with the same drawing in the plates, metal and galss jars.

Interior design fs

The illumination, understood like an important point in the environment, combines in a wise manner, industrial style hanging lamps, restored wall lamps Jieldé from the 50´s in the living room with ceiling lamps Flower in glass and metal retro style, in the bar zone of the venue. All the decorative light bulbs of carbon filaments , that brings the past and tendency to create a warm and comfortable environment.

Interior design of business

All the interior design is complete with old decoration accessories, to the disposition of the client to buy, an old scale Dina brand with rectangular trays in enamelled white ceramics from the middle of the XX century. An old German icebox from 1921, a cheese cutter from 1940 or an old Swiss phonograph from the 40´s, 1920´s newspapers from Valencia, tin boxes and old clocks, used shoe lasts in the elaboration of shoes…

Vintage interior decoration

In the facade an sheet of rusted steel, cut by laser with the letters of the brand , it presides the entrance of the restaurant.

Bar interior decoration

Tr3ce restaurant a leisure space and meeting point of poets, designers, movie fans, music and food lovers.

Interior design fs

Interior design francisco Segarra online


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