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Dres Chair nominated as the ¨Star Piece ¨ for the latest trends in Interior Design.


Mi Casa (My home) takes us closer to the practical interior decoration, a world full of ideas, tricks and adequate solutions to all types of homes, spaces and taste. Centred in trends where decor, functionality and aesthetics are perfectly equilibrated, the September edition propose to us industrial style pieces like the Dres Chair, to achieve unique spaces around an iconic furniture designs of the 20´s.

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Among their many captivating articles, they  lecture interesting info to read when it talks about the warm decoration of autumn. FS furniture and accessories of new seasons where we breathe fresh air of changes, mirrors in wood covered in exuberant golden tones. re-editions of the most iconic design of history of design, furniture made of wicker that goes from the exterior to the interior to reinforce the warmth of the space and the vintage motives that continue being a MUST of this season.

Fs vintage furniture

commercial terrace furniture

Ideas and inspiration arrives to our home that goes parallel to the latest interior design trends in space decoration for leisure spaces where Francisco Segarra unfolds comfortably, positioned like one of the competent firms in furniture, illumination, product design and spaces.

The spaces overflowing with strength and visual impact, arrive hand to hand with the colour and the geometry, in a daring range of shades contrast, followed by organic materials that connect us to nature.

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We feel in harmony with the experts in decoration of this edition, that bets for a different deco, that goes further than just a good design where the vintage current persist.

Hospitality chair

Soft shades fabrics and furniture, worn out  with softened chromatic colours, take over the autumn furniture trend that bets for the recuperated furniture, and old butcher table, usual in the country homes from the past, robust and ideal to prepare the first delicacies of the slaughter, and old desk, witness of long and hard hours of study or many other pieces that treasure experiences from the past and are now valued as sustainable interior decoration.

Commercial tables

An authentic guide in decoration, we thank the denomination of ¨ Star piece¨ in relations to a classic in ourVintage & industrial  furniture catalogue and decoration for commercial installations, hospitality sector and offices.

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