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Cult Cathedral for the Barbecue lovers. Red´s Barbecue Manchester


A cult place for all the hungry souls and devotees of the American style barbecue, cooked with dedication, in low temperature to release the juices of the meat and bring up the flavours of the meat and enhance the authentic flavour. An spectacular interior design project.

Red´s true barbecue, an spectacular space projected by the design agency of United kingdom, Blacksheep specialized in contract interior design of restaurants, hotels, and all types of venues.

Immersed in the brand identity; in a continuous contact with its creators and their passion for the new project, they decided to create an idea based in one of the religious concept in relation with the meat and how its cooked. Tradition, values and believes embodied with humour and derived from the dark side of faith.

The old and monumental building is divided in various spaces, each one with its own personality. Behind the door we are greeted by some angel images, but the focus is on the kitchen covered with metal mesh , and the hustle of the barbecue pit can be seen a real delight for meat lovers. A great closet shows meat cut and hanged from the roof, like a guaranty of quality and respect for the raw material.

Its two closed dinner areas counts with low and high stools, chairs, armchairs, upholstered armchairs, many seats in different levels to break the space and offer an informal environment.

The central dining area with booth seating are upholstered in leather capitone, burned wooden walls, blackened  evoking  the barbecue fire and a darkened place, it gives an intriguing touch obtaining a very different environment, different  from the rest of the venue with square  tables, round or picnic  type.

The bar zone where we find two types of illumination, to contrast the nocturnal food with leisure moments. Like expected the Dj zone is staged in the pulpit  zone.

Religious elements like crosses, coexist in harmony with the butcher elements to remember the connection between man and beast.

Holy Smokers, Prays the sign in the smokers reserved zone, where the booth seat are in different levels.

Metal structures, shown bricks, broken white tiles, neon signs and urban graffiti, give an attractive industrial style character to this restaurant interior project where even the details of the bathrooms are not neglected, that present an original design like the confession booths.

The result is an real unique experience,  where the passion and the character of Red´s True Barbecue is present and accord to the Philosophy of Blacksheep, they are experts in the creation of notable, extraordinary, and functional spaces.

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