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Interior design of a Tapas Seafood Tavern, La Escotilla.


Josean Merino, Head chef of PerretxiCo, show us his latest renovation project. La Escotilla, executed by Estudio Zorrozua Asociates, with  a fresh and actual restaurant concept that specializes in seafood from all over the country, located in the city centre of Vitoria, Spain.

As an intention to highlight the spirit of the sea, a marine blue colour prevail the design, creating a contrast with the walls that reminds us of the traditional fish shipping boxes but with cheerful sea graphic designs.

A big importance was given to the accessories and props in order to help achieve the objective for this environment, using real ship pulleys, fishing nets and a set of creative bamboo lighting that complemented the furniture.

¨Chairs, Lamps and decorative objects from Francisco Segarra, were fundamental to achieve the ¨¨Old tavern¨ look, at the same time it creates an attractive and actual environment¨ (Aitor, Zorrozua Asociates).

The establishment has three different areas, on the first area we have the bar, situated between two pillars covered with mirrors which provides depth of the space. Next the most interesting part of the venue, the ¨fish market zone¨, here the fresh seafood is on exhibition for the client to see and the shown kitchen as part of the face to face service that differentiates this place from others… lastly we have the cosy dining area.

As a result an inviting place with personality, a live atmosphere that captures the business intention. A consolidated new image to represent the importance of fresh ingredients and personalised service.  Characteristics that attracts and maintains loyal customers, oriented to maximize profit of the business.

A project with a clear objective, in hands of qualified professionals of interior design. A goal achieved with the effort of the interior designers at Estudio Zorrozua Asociados. With a cared selection of materials and furniture with essence of the sea represented through the discipline of commercial interior design projects.

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