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Francisco Segarra’s aesthetics arrives in Chile, in alliance with Area Design and WØLF.


Stronger and further every time… without limits, our passion for vintage expands and is welcomed in Chile, to present our brand and be part of a new alliance in the world of interior design.

Francisco Segarra joins Area Design and WØLF to promote high quality products with concepts that thrills.

Everything made without passion doesn’t get anywhere… Is the case of Francisco Segarra. Infinite admiration for design, has taken him past our frontiers. Because in its creativity there is caring and devotion. Because his designs brings out many emotions.

In a world so fascinating, Francisco Segarra has always shared his ideas with others, also passionate about design. On its way to Chile, he’s preparing a new alliance with Area Design and WØLF, presented as leading brands in the creation of decoration spaces.

“We feel really happy to be the election of decorators and architects that select our trendy products in which we collaborate for their projects, a new challenge everyday “ Isabel Melero G, Creative and art director.

Francisco Segarra in Chile


With the objective to promote their best collections, Area Design and WØLF, will host an exposition where Francisco Segarra will attend as a leader in the Spanish Industry. An unforgettable date for talent and creativity.

Francisco Segarra in Chile. The presentation of a singular and surprising brand.

Interior Design FS

It’s difficult to summarise in few words Francisco Segarra’s trajectory trough out he years, but it keeps on growing, overcoming all the challenges on the way. To define the spirit of our company, we have selected three achievements that best represents us.

3.000 m2 showroom. The largest exhibition of contract furniture. Unique spaces created for new businesses. In this showroom we create environments with soul.

Promotional video made by Fernando G. Diago.

400 pages, with the best projects, work exemplified with the spirit of the brand. Page after page, imagination flows and art is born. New Furniture & Interior Design. VINTAGE. In this book, we unveil our story to the world.

3 surprising concepts 100% Francisco Segarra. CARNIco, Nº5 and Taller. Businesses representing functionality, aesthetics, innovation and forefront values in this contact sector.

Three accomplishments that had become pillars in our brand, and will be presented to the world of decoration in Chile. A trip that symbolizes the beginnings of new projects that will broaden the world of design.

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