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An Italian restaurant interior in Paris, Francisco Segarra inspires Pietro Lecourbe.


Eating ¨all´Italiaba¨ in the parisian capital. Walking district 15, we discover Ristorante Pietro Lecourbe. An authentic Italian restaurant interior design inspired in Francisco Segarra’s aesthetics.

¨Made in Italy¨ gastronomy and design in an Italian restaurant interior

OGGI DESIGN presented their latest work, right in the street of Lecourbe, one of the most concurred streets of district 15. A team of architects trying to highlight the ¨Made in Italy¨in all of their projects.

With a traditional gastronomy and a specific design, Regina and Diego Accettulli have taken this interior renovation project of Pietro Lecourbe restaurant. A space dedicated to the art of living and good eating.

In the most pure Italian tradition, the plates are elaborated with imported products, carefully selected. Exquisite plates that provides an excellent gastronomic experience.

Regina and Diego, played between a lived and decadent style for the design of the space, a place that fusions materials, and flirts between vintage and industrial, mixing style. Definitely, an Italian restaurant design with character.

Italian restaurant interior design with vintage aesthetics

Furniture and inner lining with character. Francisco Segarra’s aesthetics.

Aged wall paper, worn gres ceramics, Victorian tiles. All the elements are joined between them with a strong reference to the vintage aesthetics.

Chairs, stools and benches invite us to take a seat. The wood takes over of the main dining room, releasing an immersive warmth and creating a pleasant contrast with the steel of the bar zone.

Suspended lighting, shop lamps, aluminium floor lamp post. The illumination reaches every corner of the place, creating an endearing surroundings.

A place to enjoy the best Italian food in the heart of Paris. The nod between design and gastronomy, a place impregnated in the vintage & industrial aesthetics by of Pietro Lecourbe restaurant .

¨We got inspired with the vintage furniture and tiles by Francisco Segarra and achieved this project with a breeze of decadent and lived at the same time¨ Regina Lacapria.

Contract furniture solutions by FS

Italian restaurant interior decoration of business

Interior of Italian restaurants with vintage furniture

Rustic Italian restaurant interior design

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