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Fish Market. Sushi & Sake


A pier, a market, the spirit of a country full of contrast, Fish Market is an innovative concept based in the Japanese culture, reflecting the world mecca of Sushi. Tsukiji Market.

Sushi restaurant design contract furnitureThe Concept.

The noisy microclimate of the market, as a knot of the culture and gastronomy. The Nikkei courtesy and discipline as canons of efficiency, perseverance and patience… Values that motivates people to wake up early to give life to that market.

The frenetic unloading in the pier, the selection of most wanted pieces, the unintelligible words of the auctions, the cutting of the red gold, and a ritual as a sign of the freshness of the product.

The essence of the rising sun, the emblematic ingredients, the way of cooking, the way of serving and the presentation, embraced in pier surroundings, giving value to cult of manners worldwide.

The Space.

Among shipping containers we are surrounded by a harbour scene, we are guided by Nikkei graphics, Here the orderly chaos rules, the catch from the high seas, the naked tuna loins on the mercy of avenger saw, the fluctuating scales, everything is ruled the random norms of supply and demand.

Dim lights anticipates  the hard working hours, the silence predicts the bustle, the stacked boxes hints the coming of more products, the tables are undressed waiting for the arrival, motionless, a preamble of activity.

Durable materials exposed day to day, the innumerable paint layers emerging from the wood, the firmness of the reused rusted iron, a persistent traffic, all covered by colours that situate us again in the fish market.

To be able to embody this surrounding in a restaurant gives us the opportunity to taste unknown products under our latitudes. Offering gastronomy with emphasis in the seasonality of the products, the quality and presentation of the ingredients.

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Japanese restaurant design ideas for contract business.


A nourishing fusion among cultures, Fusion of spaces, fusion of shades and sensations through atmospheres that annex the creative capacity and the market vision of a relevant company. One showroom, one exposition that invites the visitor to participate in the new concepts and business models by Francisco Segarra.

A tangible example of the innovation in gastronomic concepts, linking design and quality concepts. The biggest fish market in the world and a culture apart, like a source of inspiration to create an authentic Japanese restaurant.

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