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The latest trend in decoration of commercial spaces. The Revival of the Barbershop.


The latest trend in decoration of commercial spaces. The Revival of the Barbershop.

The history of the barbershop goes back centuries ago. Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were the first in recognize the social importance of this profession; however the time that marked the classic identity of a barbershop was between 1880-1940. More than an establishment were to cut hair and get shaved, t turned into a social meeting spot where people fraternize and exchanged stories. These establishments competed between them to be the most popular for men town.

The barber roll turns essential, a confidant always willing to listen and give advices, they were interesting people always with a story to tell, capable to rise the self-steam with a well done work in a cosy, warm and comfortable place with smell of mint, hair tonic and tobacco that impregnates the wood.

Revival-resurrection and revaluation of styles, trends from other times of the Barbershop.

Barbershop chair revival francisco segarraClassic Barbershops are going through a Revival period, offering the men today the opportunity to experiment a service that combines art, longing and craftsmanship. These places keep the tradition taking care of the smallest details; cuts are done with scissors and the saving with razor blades. The antique barber chair is key in those spaces looking to outstand manly and rough.

Colourful crystal bottles, elegant shelves on carved wood furniture, mirrors, accessories, signs, table games and newspapers help increase the masculine experience.

Since 1901 with the creation of the firm Gillette and the manufacturing of disposable economic razor blades. wich were popularized by soldiers during the Second World War, a decline of the barbershop starts.
In consequence, men discarded the classic razor; the frequent trips to the barbershop became occasional visits, for this reason when talking about commercial revival is really important to reproduce even the smallest detail, mainly the barber´s tools and furnishings.

How to achieve the perfect Barbershop?

A perfect barbershop is an oasis for gentleman, a breeze, a scape from the city, a body & mind restoration sanctuary, an exclusive masculine temple. Being essential to be able to transmit these sensations due to the fact that the actual generations are rediscovering a new way of being manly and at the same time well cared.

Is not only a haircut, it’s an experience that turns barbershops in exclusive places. To make loyal customers is key by means of a legitimate and traditional space, like some spaces that inspired us and is worth to highlight the social work that the barber does and how it can influence the community.

Nasir Sobhami 26 years old, born in Japan, studied in Canada and works from its own barbershop in Melbourne. A dream he was able to reach after he overcame a drug addiction with the help of his family.

¨Cutting hair is my new drug¨(Nasir Sobhami).

This change in his life allowed him to have a wide vision towards the disadvantaged and forgotten people of society. Today known as the ¨Street Barber¨. Nickname given to him with love because of the free services he offers to homeless.

The establishment has all the masculine elements surrounded by vintage aesthetics in combination with neon illuminations, the  complements play with retro and pop art. Table games, table football and music, a leisure shelter where you can find a friendly hand and maybe a second chance in life.

Barbershop Culture in Europe and United States.

Tim Collins Professional photographer fascinated with the barbershop culture, created the ¨Barber Life Project¨ in collaboration with ¨Hair pomade ¨, a hair products firm. Collection of pictures that capture the soul of the classic barbershops of Europe and United States.

Francisco, Mauro and Nuno ¨The Lisboa Collection¨ Elegant gentleman that model for Tim Collins and were photographed in Figaros Barbershop Lisbon, Portugal. Place specialized in haircuts from the twenties and fifties, it’s also a school to learn the art of the scissors. Vintage aesthetics dominated by hydraulic tiles, wood and metal, where paradoxically the aging of the place makes it more actual.

Barbershop revival francisco segarra

©Tim Collins

Amsterdam barbershop has its own style regarding the aesthetic of the establishment, well cared barbers, attracting the most demanding clients in the city. Tim found this barber by chance walking by Amsterdam and the environment caught its attention.

¨The vibrations of this place at its max, the music, the environment and all the boys joking around between them¨

Hospitality trends

©Tim Collins

In Papa´s Barbershop we can see the final use of decorative complements like artistic paraphernalia that causes a visual attraction, due to the conglomeration of curious objects in a determined zone of the space.

Interior decoration of commercial spaces

©Tim Collins

In an old building in the city of Amsterdam we find BarberStation, a vintage barbershop with personality, where the idea was to mix old-school haircuts, rock and roll, humour and good friends.

Interior decoration of barbershop

Vintage trends of commercial spaces Francisco segarra©Barberstation

Inspiring examples in the decoration of the Barbershop.

Head Bangers Barbershop & Whiskey Bar. Located in Mexico, this work is fruit of the work made by the interior design studio WSS. This establishment has a wooden bar and has a big selection of whiskeys and beer that the client can try for free.

¨The goal was to create an atmosphere based in four elements; the best barbers, really good bartenders and excellent whiskey in a space designed by and for men, full of testosterone where men have the freedom to be men.¨ (

Commercial decoration fs online

We continue the path and we reached Brazil were we find Corleone Barbershop, inspired in the classic Barbershops of the 40s and 50s, with the intentions to rescue the lost masculine culture, the name pays tribute to an iconic Hollywood personality, a mafia drug-lord. The famous Don Corleone.

The bold selection of furniture from different styles form part of an harmonic disorder, a cosy place where waiting for your turn can be something easy to get used to, due to having on hand a pool table, pinball and a selection of more than 450 beers.

The place is filled with decorative complements with a good illumination and distribution that covers 150m2 of the place.

¨The idea was to unite food, beer, barbershop and something else¨ (

Trends in barbershop vintage online

Unique places, classic pieces and a culture that emerges from the past, with the responsibility to shape the image of the man of tomorrow together with firms and people like Francisco Segarra that helps revive commercial spaces.

Francisco segarra trends and interior design FS

©Tat Skr

Extra Fact

In the past, the barber working as a surgeon will do tooth extractions and any type of healing and curing. In the XIX century between needles, blood and rough men, the barber adopts a new function where he can express his creativity, moment when tattoos where getting notoriety in history. Today we can appreciate the clear relation between barber and tattoos as part of the Barbershop culture producing aesthetic work that depends on expert hands.

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