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1 of 5 Spanish firms, finalist in the Restaurant and Bar Design Award. FS


Out of 986 aspirants, 217 of those finally are in the Shortlist and only 5 Spanish firms, among them Francisco Segarra would be present on the next September 29 in London, it will be the eight edition of the prestigious awards ceremony Restaurant & bar design awards, international contest that unites each year the most representative of art, architecture, design and gastronomy.

This will be the second participation for Francisco Segarra, founder of the company of vintage & industrial furniture which has his name. To be placed among the finalist of the long awaited Restaurant & Bar design award. A honourable recognition for our furniture and decoration firm that always bets for the innovation, singularity and outstanding design.

In collaboration with Peronda Ceramics, Francisco Segarra will compete in the Pop Up category with the project The Garage, made in the last edition of Cevisama in Valencia. The general manager of our firm and Jose Péris who directed the whole project, will attend as finalist. Above all we find an ingenious concept that is a twist to the usual and plays with the Street Food concept and Food Truck.

francisco segarra restaurant and bar design awards 2016

The fusion between the well-known tiles firm and the Vintage interior designer Francisco Segarra, is a Success.

What better place that the Old Truman Brewery to celebrate the ceremony, situated east of London, home to a hive of creative enterprises, Art galleries, shops, markets, bars and restaurants.

The finalist should present in front of exceptional judges which member are professionals in the world of design, hospitality , contract, designers, architects, editors and the lifestyle, they will have the power to decide who to give the award to the best design in each category with this eight edition.

The only contest that awards the excellence in the design of restaurant and bars, it unites all the styles and designers around the world in search of the same objective, the aesthetics and functionality that should be combined to create an environment that not only marks the difference but also enchants the client. The boom in the hospitality sector has taken it to a rise of the competition, which makes a space well designed, creative and original, can mark the difference to yield profit and push the fidelity of the users. The outstanding 217 projects deservers their place in the Shortlist, they comply with the function and for that they have the opportunity to seduce the strict judges.

The awards theme of this year is ¨The Street¨. It will be organized in four spaces representing bars from the 70´s, 80´s and 2000´s. like it’s been described by the known product design company JMDA, creator of the scenography.

¨ A Street is a reflection of lifestyles and a micro universe of the culture. A place with exuberant business and an opportunity for creativity nourishing¨

Francisco Segarra design awards

What best way to encapsulate the street theme, than with a memorable gift to the members of the shortlist. Connected with the youth and the music, The marketing team responsible of the contest have found an excellent way of communicating the leitmotiv; a vinyl that contains a ¨Spotify Playlist¨ all inside an extraordinary packaging that we in Francisco Segarra hoard with proudly recognition.

The ceremony seems very interactive announced and we hope to raise the award and to be able to express all our satisfaction and acknowledgements in the final speech to share with our collaborator Peronda Group.

Latest developments ¨Restaurant & Bar design Awards¨

As for the many categories ; award to the best bar, best restaurant, best coffee shop, best night club, best identity, best terrace and best pop up… in this edition they added best product design. specially created or applying the contract sector of hospitality in a total of six different modalities like; furniture, doors, interior illumination, bathrooms, and outdoor surfaces. This without a doubt opens the doors to opportunities of firms like ours that develops the creation of furniture for the hospitality equipment industry, functional and distinguished.

The Garage, Pop up finalist in the eight edition of the prestigious Restaurant & bar design awards.

The Garage was part of the stand made by Francisco Segarra for the firm Peronda Group, back in February of this year, for the Cevisama edition under the motto ¨Peronda Shopping mall¨ and the concept of pop up store, the ephemeral interior project will unite in 450 m2, a confluence of spaces where the renowned Spanish tile firm showed all their collections; among them FS by Peronda, designs made by Francisco Segarra in a space ; Of course !  Designed by our FS firm, experts in the design and furnishing of spaces. A work that can be raised with one of the most influential awards  in the creative community.

130 m2 inspired in the non-visible part of the gastronomic trend of the moment, the street food, an old Citroen converted in a Food Truck on the mercy of the fashion and forefronts, waiting in the ceramic boxes, the aesthetics surprised in the monographic event of the most important sector in Spain.  A few days from the awards ceremony, Francisco Segarra and Jose Péris prepare their trip to London with hopes, containing prospects  and awaiting the moment to know if finally can raise the award as the best Pop up of 2015/2016.

The garage finalist 2016

¨ There were times of combustion smell, leather jackets, oil and greasy men, the competition mixes with the aesthetics of smoke and rock.

Francisco Segarra and its band of rebels, behind the dictums and in-submissive that don’t practice its religion.

When your vehicle defines your identity, it’s a prolongation of your being, the shop is turned into a sanctuary. Afternoons goes by among repair parts, chains and pulleys, the music, beers and machines are our trip companion.

A space to wander and sell your soul to the devil , a place to turn your Bultaco motorcycle in an amazing machine for a fistful of dollars.

Mike and its boys slide between boxes, broken pieces, bolts and tools, Joe activates the pulleys to elevate the engine of the food truck and Vince from the gloom explores the bottom of the vehicle.

In the office of old jack, he will make pay your bill if you don’t want any trouble with its iron fists.

An industrial place dominated by black, aquamarine and russet, beams and columns, ceramic boxes with decorated white base, and a combination of pavements, cement paste, moved beams , change of plans, rectifications, decaying and colour. ¨

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