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Loft style Aesthetics present in Decoration of the Restaurant Bistro Tarelka22


Interior designer Yana Molodykh, put all her trust on the Francisco Segarra contract furniture collection for the decoration of the bistro restaurant ¨Tarelka 22¨ in Kiev Ukraine. A space to taste delicious dishes, hot soups and natural brews in a cosy and warm environment. Only suitable for privileged people.

¨Tarelka22¨ is located in the film studios ¨FilmUA¨. A site located in an old cannery factory where the installations ideas where projected to the purest loft style. The restaurant which is in the original old factory canteen and is only accessible to employees, film professionals and guests of Film UA company.

A curious fact is that the name of the restaurant comes from the tradition of the film making process where after the first shoot it is habit to break a plate with the name of the project, the producer, the director, operators, main actors and camera crew.

Decoration of the Bistro Restaurant ¨Tarelka22¨

¨My job as an interior designer was to create a simple and comforting interior for the people involved in the creation of films & audio visual, Yana Molodykh, commented¨

In one side it was decided to keep all the loft style but on the other hand was to make a warm interior with history by adding numerous decorative elements.

All the construction and decoration of the restaurant was made in a short period of time because it was inspired and interpreted by the clients and owner of the studio.

The decoration objects and furniture of the Francisco Segarra firm, were presented like the ideal option to create an illusion of an old Bistro with history.

Upholstered Sackcloth, leather and suede, the retro lamps and the exterior hangers of forged steel, from our FS contract furniture for restaurants of Francisco Segarra, this adds up to the classic picture frames, carpet, books and antiques; aged copper mirrors, walls with red bricks, Sicilian tiles made by hand on top of the bar and the soft fire of the bio-chimney, creating a warm atmosphere for the guests.

Thinking on the usual guests of the restaurants, film business professionals, the great library has books about film making, singular cameras and old movie projectors, restored as floor lamps.


The Importance of the Furniture in Restaurants.

Aware of the necessary balance between the aesthetic and functional in the furnishing of hospitality businesses, like the furniture selection destined to use and enjoy in business meetings, or just an ordinary work break, the interior designer placed all her trust in the FS contract furniture catalogue of Francisco Segarra.

A great satisfaction for our FS professional furniture firm, coming from an expert in chromatic solutions, selection and disposition of the contract furniture of Francisco Segarra.

The result is evident, a cosy place, result of the functional analysis of the space available and her good ways of distributing the furniture and illumination.

The Restaurant is Presented to us in Differentiated Zones:

  1. Comfortable armchairs upholstered in Scottish fabric and four diner tables, under the ¨Terra¨ lamp from our furniture luminaires catalogue of Francisco Segarra in earth tones and gold, a referent point where to enjoy the gastronomy.
  2. Seats and illumination in an informal variant are selected in the cafeteria zone, the Williams chair with armrest and curved wood, combining its two different finishes, it gives elegance being upholstered in leather and velvet.
  3. The most dynamic zone is the bar, it gives an aesthetic turn over about functionality. The high bar stools in leather ¨Rive¨, an original classic on the Francisco Segarra furniture catalogue, the white bricks behind the bar and original geometric lamps.
  4. The chimney separates the zones from one space to another thinking of leisure, a versatile environment framed by a communal high table that serves as a book consultant area or to host an informal company dinner. A confortable, pleasant and more intimate area, where the textures take prominence and highlights the fine high stools ¨Lara¨ upholstered capitone style and also the cluster lamps ¨Leven¨.


loft-interior-design-project-ideas bar stools

loft-interior-design-project-ideas bar

loft-interior-design-project-ideas francisco segarra

loft-interior-design-project-ideas illumination

loft-interior-design-project-ideas meeting room

loft-interior-design-project-ideas copper

Yana Molodykh makes it clear in her work in ¨Tarelka22¨, even thou many elements intervene in one project; the furniture and illumination can really define a space. The last role can be decisive in the interior design. Luminaires help to determine the style that prevails in an environment and is a key factor associated to the emotions and sensations experienced, being more than a decorative element.

In some specific zones, the aesthetic value of the lamps sum up the original effects that light generates when it goes through it, spreading the reflections that are projected in the environment. We are talking about the ceiling lamp ¨Elsa¨.

loft-interior-design-project-ideas stools

Some details, like the great mirror in aged copper, has a location with a clear intention, to increase the space sensation. Prolonging the vanishing point, these gestures determines the culmination of a successful project and are vital for many interior designers and architects like Yana that enjoys the creation of outstanding projects, knowing that her final work is a reflection of her good work.

oft-interior-design-project-ideas table

loft-interior-design-project-ideas FilmUA francisco segarra

loft-interior-design-project-ideas sign

Experts in interior design of public places are connoisseurs of the well applied good interior design and according the objective market, it influences at the time to attract clients and make them loyal, in this case the project has a peculiar origin; and the smallest details have not been neglected, neither the public bathroom where they opt for a more neutral or minimalist design where the spotlight falls in an original serigraphy mirror.

loft-interior-design-project-ideas serigraphy

Professionals of Interior design and decor.

Yana is an expert in the interior decoration, architecture and renovation, colour solutions, selection and location of furniture, illumination, art and antiques.

And she is part of a group of professionals capable of recreating harmonic spaces that pleases their clients, users and themselves.

Graduated in the design school ¨Detail studio¨, one of the best in Europe for Interior designers where a  great number of world famous decorators were formed. She obtained the most prestigious degree in design.

Her work brings us a feeling of beauty and admiration to the day to day, for her education in design, her knowledge of nature, art and her life experiences in her continuous trips where she completed numerous interior design projects, architecture and hospitality industry , motivated by her restless professional drive for creating exclusive designs in business like restaurants, offices and hotel boutiques.

Her projects have been present  in the best and more professionals expos like the Maison&Object Paris or iSaloni mobile Milano.

Selected furniture used in the decoration of the restaurant with loft aesthetics in Kiev ¨Tarelka22¨

Seats: William chair, upholstered armchair Lara, high stools  for the bar Rive.

Luminaires: Ceiling lamps retro style Terra, hanging lamps industrial style Lutter, desk lamps in carved glass with screen Trophy, lamps with illumination effects Elsa, Cluster lamps Leven and wall fittings for punctual illuminations Vilna.

loft-interior-design-project-ideas furniture

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